Andy’s Colts Mock Draft 4.0

Written by Andrew Aziz of

1st Overall Pick (1st Round)

Andrew Luck – Quarterback – Stanford

This pick is a no brainer. Andrew Luck is not only the best QB in college right now, but he’s one of the best prospects in recent memory. He’s been considered to be the next Peyton Manning. He’s the obvious choice, and coincidentally this will be the 2nd time where a 1st year GM will have the first overall pick, and the top player is a QB. The last time it happened was in 1998 with Peyton Manning. Luck possesses a great arm that includes great strength, top-notch accuracy, great mobility, he’s smart and he reads defenses. He’s one of the best college prospects in the last 25 years. This is one of the safest picks you could make.

34th Overall Pick (2nd Round)

Jayron Hosley – Cornerback – Virginia Tech

The Colts need to spend a high draft pick on a cornerback. The secondary was horrible this year, and it’s not good if the Colts only have one good cornerback in Jerraud Powers. They need another good corner who can shutdown number 2 targets. Even if the Colts get an outside cornerback, they can move Hosley to the inside and he could become a very good nickel back. He can play a lot of positions. Cornerback is one of the biggest positions of need on the Colts, and getting Hosley would make it less of a need. Hosley is projected to go in the early 2nd round, so this is the right pick. The Colts biggest need (or arguably) is the cornerback spot. Kelvin Hayden was released last year and Tryon was gone during the season They need some bodies there and some quality. He’s quick and had a nice year. The intriguing part about him is that he has a ton of upside, which is something that interests many teams, including the Colts.

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65th Overall Pick (3rd Round)

A.J Jenkins – Wide Receiver – Illinois

The Colts are thin at receiver even with the addition of Donnie Avery and Reggie Wayne only has 3 years left in his career. Time to find a future #1 or #2 guy that can play right now. A.J Jenkins had a fantastic year with Illinois as he accumulated 1,276 yards with 9 touchdowns. He had a great year with an average QB. He could come in and become a good #2 WR. If he put those numbers with an average QB, imagine what he could do with Andrew Luck, the best QB in college football. He’s an average sized receiver with average speed, but he gets the job done. He has good hands and is a good route runner, kind of like Reggie Wayne… Jenkins was originally thought to have gone in the 4th round, but his good combine has made his stock rise.

98th Overall Pick (4th Round)

Michael Egnew – Tight End – Missouri

The Colts currently have no tight ends. Their current starting tight end is Brody Eldridge. With the loss of Clark and Tamme, they need a tight end badly; you can even make the case that it’s their biggest need. Andrew Luck loves his tight ends, he always went to them in college. With that being said, Egnew is a great pick here. It’s a good value pick and he’s a good possession tight end which should help out Andrew Luck a lot.

129th Overall Pick (5th Round)

Brandon Brooks – Offensive Guard – Miami University (Ohio)

The Colts have good depth in the interior of the line, but at RG especially, they have no clear-cut starter. Brandon Brooks is a very underrated guard, who could go higher than the 5th round. He is a tough strong kid who has good footwork. He reminds me of a Jahri Evans or young Brian Waters. He has that kind of potential. If the Colts draft him, he would probably become the RG, and stay there for many years. This makes the OG spot officially a “no-need.”

163rd Overall Pick (5th Round) (Compensatory Pick)

Akiem Hicks – Nose Tackle – Regina University (Canada)

I little weird to wait until the 5th round to address a big need like the NT spot. With that being said, look no further than one of the biggest sleepers in the middle rounds: Akiem Hicks. No one knows about him because he played in Canada, but the skill set is there. He’s a big guy who has good speed. He really impressed at the East-West Shrine Game practices and impressed many with his impressive 1 on 1 interviews. It should be noted that he played for LSU before leaving in January 2010. He has all the physical tools to be a starter in this league, and he has a good attitude too.

200th Overall Pick (6th Round) (Compensatory Pick)

Chris Owusu – Wide Receiver – Stanford

This is a perfect fit. He’s a deep threat and has some good speed. Oh, and he played with Andrew Luck at Stanford, so the two have a great bond. Owusu is a good route runner who is willing to catch the ball in traffic and over the middle. He has a bad history with injuries and in the last 2 years, he’s had two below average seasons. He could come in to the Colts and fight with Blair White for the #3 receiver spot. A good trait about Owusu is that he is a dangerous kick returner, which could be great for the Colts, because they suck on special teams. Having Minnfield as the punt returner and Owusu as the kick returner.

202st Overall Pick (7th Round)

Emanuel Davis – Cornerback – East Carolina

Emanuel Davis is the best cornerback on East Carolina. On paper, he’s not a very good cornerback, and may not even get drafted, but the fact of the matter is, he’s gone up against some really good wide receivers like Alshon Jeffrey and AJ Green. He’s slightly undersized, but he has pretty good speed and some good instincts. He’s a better prospect than his stock shows; the only reason he’s projected to go in the later rounds is because he had a run-in with the law so it hurt his stock. I personally think he has 5th round talent, so the Colts would be getting a 5th round player in the 7th round. This kid has some good upside.

208th Overall Pick (7th Round) (From Jaguars via Jets)

Antwon Bailey – Running Back – Syracuse

The Colts could use a nice running back, and even though they have 3 running backs in Brown, Carter and Evans, Bailey could definitely beat out Evans and even his buddy Delone Carter. Another reason why the Colts should draft Bailey is that he would bring a different kind of style of running to the Colts. He is the “poor man’s” Maurice Jones-Drew as Bailey is small and runs with power. He also reminds me of Jacquizz Rodgers, and I’d like to have a Jacquizz Rodgers like player on the team. Tbe only downside with him is that he’s very slow, but he plays with power. I think it’s worth a shot and he and Darren Evans should fight for the last running back spot.

247th Overall Pick (7th Round) (Compensatory Pick)

Adrien Cole – Inside Linebacker – Louisiana Tech

The Colts lost Phillip Wheeler to the Raiders and they essentially have no depth at the ILB spot. Adrien Cole is pretty athletic and is a good tackler. He isn’t anything special, and he’ll probably become a backup, but that’s what the Colts need, they need depth, not starters at the ILB spot. Adrien Cole is Mr. Irrelevant.