A Vision of Jim Popp, Colts GM

What can we expect if the Colts hire Jim Popp as Colts GM?  Allow me to make a few observations:

  1. Jim Popp’s career has been built around great QB play.  In the last 4 years, Montreal’s QB has won the CFL MVP two times.  Popp’s teams have run a spread gameplan with 2-3 players each gaining 1000+ yards each season.  What does this mean?  it means that Popp would know how to build an offense around either Manning or Luck (or more likely both).  Popp, I am convinced, would work to find quality WR’s early and often in his tenure.
  2. Popp’s defenses have been 4-3-5 (CFL allows 12 on field).  Most of the pressure has come from the end position for his teams in recent years.  Zone coverage…sounds like a perfect fit for a Tampa-2 team.  If this is his preference, I would expect Mathis to be resigned and Freeney to be renegotiated to allow the bookends to continue doing their work.
  3. Popp’s defensive backs have not been exactly strong.  The team’s linebackers, however, seem to thrive by being able to read QB’s eyes and “read and react.”
  4. Popp has built his team greatly through CFL free agency.  This would be the first significant difference I see between the current system and the Popp led team.  This could change in the NFL however, for two reasons.  One, Popp coached at the collegiate level for several years.  Two, the NFL salary cap system is completely different and it allows for a different building scheme.
  5. I would expect Popp to import his coach from Montreal, Marc Trestman, as either HC or OC.  This would be good for a young QB, as Trestman is a QB guru.

All in all, we have a great man here.  He would allow a lot of continuity while on a rebuilding path.  I would not expect the offense to look the same, but to look more like a NO Saints approach, more creative than simplistic.  Popp, however, would give us a great chance to build a new team with a similar identity.