2012 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Written by Andrew Aziz of Everything-Colts.com

1st Round

1st Overall Pick – Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck – Quarterback – Stanford

This pick is a no-brainer for the Colts. Jim Irsay has pretty much convinced everyone that he is picking him. Peyton Manning is not with the team anymore, which means that the Colts biggest need is quarterback. He’s a must pick. Luck has everything teams want in a quarterback: arm, size, accuracy, and smarts. He’s the best college prospect since Peyton Manning. At the combine, he showed how athletic this guy could be. He put up the same numbers as Cam Newton. Essentially, Luck is a athletic freak like Newton and has the arm of a guy like Peyton Manning, coming out of college. A mixture of Peyton Manning and Cam Newton make him the best draft prospect since John Elway, which is saying that he’s the best college prospect in the last 29 years.

2nd Overall Pick – Washington Redskins (from St Louis Rams)

Robert Griffin III – Quarterback – Baylor

The Redskins made the move; they traded 3 first round picks (this year’s (2012), 2013 and 2014) and this year’s 2nd round pick for (essentially) Robert Griffin III. This kid is an absolute monster, and if Andrew Luck weren’t in this draft he’d easily be number 1 and he’d be a number 1 draft pick in most drafts. He had a great year where he showed off his great arm and his off the charts speed. He’s a pocket quarterback with great mobility and runs a sub 4.4 40 yard dash. He’s a freak athlete with a great arm. The Redskins are going to be tough to adapt to, but playing a spread offense at Baylor is a good start as the spread offense and West Coast offense have many similar traits. He had one of the most productive seasons in the NCAA, even better than Andrew Luck’s season. He is a great quarterback who should be great for years to come.

3rd Overall Pick – Minnesota Vikings

Matt Kalil – Offensive Tackle – University of Southern California

The Vikings have one of the worst lines in football. This is an easy move. Charlie Johnson was pretty bad at left tackle, and he is a better guard or right tackle. Kalil can come in and play right away at left tackle. He has great footwork and is pretty strong. He’s only 295, which means that he’ll have to gain muscle. That shouldn’t be too big of a problem as he’s 6’7 (can gain weight to due his frame). They have a big investment in Christian Ponder, so they have to protect him. They have Adrian Peterson, but when they decide to pass, they’re going to need to protect him, as Ponder gets sacked 8% of the time he drops back to pass.

4th Overall Pick – Cleveland Browns

Trent Richardson – Running Back – Alabama

Peyton Hillis is not coming back to the Browns which leaves a very big hole on that offense. Colt McCoy is not a quarterback that can throw 35+ times a game. He’s better when used in a run heavy offense. Trent Richardson is one of the best running back prospects in years. He has great power, speed and tackling-breaking ability. He reminds me of Adrian Peterson, which is saying a whole lot. The Vikings were in a situation like this several years ago with no quarterback and a big whole at running back. They drafted AP and never looked back. I think the Browns want that too. Richardson could come in and do better than Peyton Hillis in his first year.

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5th Overall Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Morris Claiborne – Cornerback – Louisiana State

In LSU’s incredible year lies the play of Claiborne, who had another great year. The junior had 6 interceptions and 50+ tackles. Now, the Bucs could use a good linebacker, but picking Kuechly would be a bit of a stretch. They also need a good cornerback, as Ronde Barber’s career is coming to an end and Aqib Talib could be going to jail. They could use a good shutdown corner, plus with 3 pass heavy teams in the division, they’re going to need to shut some guys down to have a chance to compete in that division. Their offense had an off-year, but they should only get better. Their defense is the team that killed the Bucs this year.

6th Overall Pick – St Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)

Justin Blackmon – Wide Receiver – Oklahoma State

The Rams biggest need is wide receiver, plain and simple. Their O-line was so bad last year due to injuries an with their O-line healthy again, it should be pretty good. Brandon Lloyd doesn’t seem like he’s committed to St Louis and even if he is, it’s still a big need. Sam Bradford is a young QB and young QBs need as much help as possible. They have Steven Jackson in the backfield, so that’s good. They’re getting bette at tight end. That’s another good step; and now with Blackmon they could have a good receiving core with Lloyd and Amendola. If Lloyd leaves, then the Rams would need to sign a free agent or draft a receiver in the middle rounds. Blackmon is a must pick for the Rams, or they’ll be screwed-over going forward.

7th Overall Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars

Quinton Coples – Defensive End – North Carolina

The Jaguars need a good defensive end, who can get to the quarterback. Jeremy Mincey is getting better and better, so keep him at left end, but Matt Roth is a pure run stopper. Quinton Coples is the ideal 4-3 defensive end: he’s powerful, quick and smart. The only problem with him is his worth ethic. It is noticeably that there are some days where he tries, and some days where he doesn’t care. A player’s coach like Mike Mularkey should be good for him.

8th Overall Pick – Miami Dolphins

Jonathan Martin – Offensive Tackle – Stanford

The Dolphins have arguably the best left tackle in football (Jake Long), and they have a great young center in Mike Pouncey. Richie Incognito is getting better, and is a good short term solution. The real problem is at right tackle. Marc Columbo is getting very old and was absolutely terrible this year. He needs to be replaced and fast. For this Dolphins to get better, they need to give their QB (Moore or whoever it is) some time. He was sacked 10% of the time he dropped back to pass. That’s the 2nd worst in the NFL. Jonathan Martin is a quality left tackle who did a great job protecting Andrew Luck. He was a little shaky in the latter part of the season, but that’s alright. He would become a right tackle anyways. If he moved to right tackle (he will if drafted by Miami), then he could become a very good one, and could even go to Pro Bowls. He has pretty good footwork and is pretty strong. He can add some muscle to his 6’6 frame. Martin has the potential to become a very good right tackle, and I don’t think the Dolphins can pass on that.

9th Overall Pick – Carolina Panthers

Michael Brockers – Defensive Tackle – Louisiana State

Surprised? Yes, this is a bit of a stretch, but over the years, we’ve seen a lot of stretches. Tyson Jackson to the Chiefs (3rd overall in 2009), Aldon Smith to the 49ers (7th overall in 2011), and Tyson Alualu to the Jaguars (10th overall in 2010). Stuff like this happens. The defensive tackle position has been a big problem for the Panthers, for a long time. They spent a couple of 3rd round picks on a DT last year, and neither of them have impressed anyone. It’s time for them to spend a high pick on a top player. Sione Fua can become a quality backup to Terrell McClain at the utlity tackle spot and Devon Still can become a solid 4-3-nose tackle. It would make the D-line really good. Their linebackers are great and they’ll spend some picks on the secondary to make them better. He’s a young kid with a lot of upside, and although he’s a risky pick, it’s worth the risk because anybody is an upgrade at defensive tackle.

10th Overall Pick – Buffalo Bills

Riley Reiff – Offensive Tackle – Iowa

A must pick for the Bills. Demetrius Bell is a free agent, and even if he is retained, the only person they have to play right tackle is Chris Hairston. Riley Reiff is better than Chris Hairston. Hairston is a better backup than starter. What I think they should do is let Bell play left tackle for a couple of years (which means they sign him to a 2 or 3 year deal), and then move over Reiff. For the time being, Reiff makes a great right tackle, with his strength and underrated footwork. Then the transition from right tackle to left tackle should be smooth, as he has played in the system for a couple of years. A must pick. Don’t rule out Melvin Ingram, Courtney Upshaw or Mark Barron, but it seems like Reiff is the best pick for them, plus he’s one of the best remaing players on the board.

11th Overall Pick – Kansas City Chiefs

Melvin Ingram – Defensive End/Outside Linebacker – South Carolina

A bit of a stretch, but it’s a need for the Chiefs. Riley Reiff is gone, so there goes the top tackles in the draft. Melvin Ingram was a beast this year. He had 13.5 sacks and 2 interceptions… as a defensive end. He could easily move over to Outside Linebacker, because the Chiefs use a 3-4 system. Now, here’s my theory. Tambi Hali is a beast, but he won’t get to the QB often if he gets double teamed 70% of the time. They need 2 stud pass rushers, who can constantly get to the quarterback. Having a good pass rush helps your pass defense, which is something new head coach Romeo Crennel wants. Romeo is all about defense, and with Cassel, Charles and Moeki returning to the offense, defense should be more of a priority. I wouldn’t say this is a must pick, but this could definitely give them a big boost on defense.

12th Overall Pick – Seattle Seahawks

Ryan Tannehill – Quarterback – Texas A&M

The Seattle Seahawks have some needs on the team. The biggest one is quarterback. Now, the 2 best QBs are off the board with the Colts and Redskins being #1 and #2. Ryan Tannehill was expected to go in the top 10 with the Redskins at #6. They moved up and he moved out of the top 10. Tannehill has great potential in this league and has good mobility. His arm looked good last year. The one big problem with him is that he’s only played in 19 games. It’s a risky pick as these are the common characteristics of a bust. It’s a ballsy pick, but if it pays off the Seahawks will have their franchise QB for years to come. He has the targets in Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and Doug Baldwin, not to mention “The Beast” Marshawn Lynch. Their O-line is getting better as it’s young and developing, so he should fit in. The Seahawks use a spread offense, one that is similar to spread offense in Texas A&M. This isn’t the greatest pick, but if it pays off, it could be one of the best picks in the draft.

13th Overall Pick – Arizona Cardinals

David Decastro – Offensive Guard — Stanford

The Cardinals have the worst O-line in the league. Their best O-lineman who’s pretty good at best, Levi Brown, is a free agent and extremely expensive. Daryn Colledge is a good guard and the same with Lutui, but Colledge can easily be moved to right tackle, which seems to be his more natural position being only 308 pounds. David Decastro could come in at left guard or right guard and make an immediate impact. He’s one of the best guards we’ve seen in years and was by far the most dominant guard this year. He barely moved on passing plays and opened holes for running plays. With Kolb being hit 10% of the time he drops back to pass, they need protection. Found a LT in the free agency like Jared Gaither, but worry about the interior too. Fix that line or their offense will never get better!

14th Overall Pick – Dallas Cowboys

Dre Kirkpatrick – Cornerback — Alabama

This kid has attitude problems, but besides all that he is a top 10 talent. He is a big strong cornerback who no QB threw at this year in college football. He shut down a lot of good wide receivers. He has 0 interceptions due to nobody throwing his way. He’s so physical when hitting the ball carrier and covering the receivers, it’s what the Cowboys need and what Rob Ryan wants. That Ryan family is filled with a bunch of aggressive crazies, so getting a physical corner is what they need. Also, the cornerback spot is their biggest need as Terrence Newman is not that great anymore and is better as a #2 cornerback. He’s the best player on the board and could help the Cowboys right away, especially in a pass heavy division.

15th Overall Pick – Philadelphia Eagles

Luke Kuechly – Inside Linebacker – Boston College

The main for the Eagles this year was their linebacker play. Jamar Cheney and Brian did not bad jobs, but it’s apparent that they need a star; they need a leader. Look no further than Luke Kuechly. This kid may not be athletically gifted, but he’s one of the smartest guys out there, and is a leader.He reminds me of Keith Brooking, who was a 5 time Pro Bowler. He’s only going to get better athletically, but he’s not getting that much smarter, and leadership is something that you have or don’t have… he has it. What the Eagles D needs is a leader. They had Brian Dawkins, but he left. No one is talking in that locker room, and they need to have some chemistry if they want to go to the playoffs and make a run. Luke Kuechly helps mold that defense into a good one, and really helps out the Eagles biggest need, the linebacker spot.

16th Overall Pick – New York Jets

Mark Barron – Safety — Alabama

Jim Leonhard is the leader of this defense, but he’s had some injury trouble and whenever he gets injured, you see their defense get much worse. Oh it should be mentioned that he is a free agent and like I said, he has injury troubles and he’s getting old turning 30 in early October. It’s time to move on from Jim. Mark Barron is a great safety, one of the better ones in recent years. He’s physical and athletic. He has good speed and good instincts. He reminds me of Bob Sanders where he could play in the box, and play deep zones. Unlike Bob, he doesn’t get injured. He’s generally good. He’s going to become a top 10 strong safety in the NFL and he could definitely become a Pro Bowler in a few years. The Jets would be foolish to pass this guy up. He’s an upgrade over Leonhard. He can run stop and pass defend, the most complete safety in the past couple of years.

17th Overall Pick – Cincinnati Bengals (from Raiders)

Peter Konz – Center – Wisconsin

By far the best center in the draft, Peter Konz is a beast. He’s going to be a very good center. He was apart of the Wisconsin O-line that gave up only 22 sacks all year. Now, the Bengals could use a good center. Kyle Cook is not very good, and he’s the only center. Cook is a backup at best, and Konz could come in and be a good starter, maybe even a Pro-Bowler. This would be another big step towards rebuilding their offense and replenishing it with young talent. It started with AJ Green, Andy Dalton and Clint Boling last year. Now they must take a good center, who can help protect Andy Dalton, because we all saw the playoff game against the Texans, the O-line was horrible and Cook was a pretty big part of that failure. They need to give this young kid protection. They make this pick earlier than expected as they don’t want to risk him getting picked by another team that’s in between this pick and their 21st overall pick.

18th Overall Pick – San Diego Chargers

Courtney Upshaw – Outside Linebacker – Alabama

Courtney Upshaw can play both defensive end in a 4-3 and could easily become a good 3-4 outside linebacker. He doesn’t have the greatest speed, but he’s a great pass rusher with a relentless motor. He has a great first step and gets to the QB a lot. He had 9.5 sacks this year and that wasn’t a fluke. He needs to work on his open field skills as he’s not that fast or agile. He’s strong and knows how to use his hands properly. The Chargers have Antwan Barnes who had a good year as a pass rusher, but it won’t last and you can’t just have him as a pass rusher. Courtney Upshaw could come in and perform like Aldon Smith did last year, and that’s not an overstatement.

19th Overall Pick – Chicago Bears

Michael Floyd – Wide Receiver – Notre Dame

I can’t remember a year where the Bears had a real number 1 receiver. Michael Floyd is the 2nd best receiver in the draft, in my opinion. He has great size, good hands and good speed that can make him a deep threat, and a red-zone target. Earl Bennett is good, but not a number 1 guy; number 2 at best. Roy Williams is old and useless, and if they want Cutler to be happy (because he’s stubborn), you’re going to need to give him some help. Wide receiver is the biggest need on the team. Their O-line is getting better after getting Gabe Carimi at right tackle, and J’marcus Webb getting better. They should use their 2nd round pick on a good guard or Michael Brewster (center), but I don’t think they can pass up on Floyd. The other possibility is picking Peter Konz, the best center in the draft. A sure pick, who should help immediately, but I think having a good wide receiver to help out Cutler is better than having a center.

20th Overall Pick – Tennessee Titans

Devon Still – Defensive Tackle – Penn State

The Titans have no defensive tackles, and since Albert Haynesworth left, it’s been a big need. Right now, their best defensive tackle is Jurrel Casey, who’s not bad, but they need a true 4-3-nose tackle. Devon Still is a good solid kid who can come in and do a solid job right away. Joe Paterno at Penn State trained him and he seems like the most pro ready defensive tackle out there, and the Titans need help right away. He’s the right pick here and with some rising stars on that line at DE, a good DT could take that D-line to the next level.

21st Overall Pick – Cincinnati Bengals

Jerel Worthy – Defensive Tackle – Michigan State

The Cincinatti Bengals have Geno Atkins, but Domata Peko doesn’t know how to get to the QB and his run stopping skills are diminishing. They could use a new DT, but it’s not a big need. Jerel Worthy is arguably the best player on the board, so it’s hard to pass on him. They could go with David Wilson the running back, but it’s too hard to pass up on Worthy.

22nd Overall Pick – Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta Falcons)

Zach Brown – Outside Linebacker – North Carolina

He’s the best player on the board and with Kendall Wright’s bad combine performance; this pick is looking more and more like Zach Brown. Their linebacking core is pretty good, but they need ROLB, because Scott Fujita is getting pretty bad and has no impact on the field, not to mention that’s he’s going to be 33 next month. Zach Brown is the best 4-3 outside linebacker in the draft as he is fast, instinctive, and a good tackler, not to mention to he’s pretty good in coverage. He has the potential to be a Pro Bowl linebacker. I think he’s too good to pass on and with RG3 helping the offense out a lot, picking Zach Brown would help the defense a lot.

23rd Overall Pick – Detroit Lions

Cordy Glenn – Offensive Tackle/Guard – Georgia

Although his natural position is a guard, the Lions could use a good offensive line upgrade. Their best linemen are over 31 years old, and their guards are mediocre at best. Rob Sims could be a good right guard, and Stephen Peterman is useless at right guard. They should draft Cordy Glenn, move Rob Sims to right guard and make Peterman a backup. Then, when Jeff Backus retires, Cordy Glenn can make the switch to left tackle as he has the size and would have the experience. It’s a good short-term pick, and it could help them out in the long run.

24th Overall Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers

Dontario Poe – Defensive Tackle – Memphis

Casey Hampton is getting old, and his production is going down. Time to get someone new. Dontario Poe is the best 3-4-nose tackle in the draft, and he’s very good in both run stopping and pass rushing, but he’s a better-run stopper. He’s huge at 350 pounds, and reminds me of a not-as-good Vince Wilfork. Defensive tackle isn’t a need right now, because they have Hampton, but it’s all but certain that he’s not going to be back at the end of next year. Time to bring in a heir.

25th Overall Pick – Denver Broncos

Janoris Jenkins – Cornerback – North Alabama

The Broncos have Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman, two very good cornerbacks, especially Bailey. Why draft a CB? Because Goodman and Bailey are 33 and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get that much better. Time to bring in a heir and a good #3 cornerback for now. Kirkpatrick is a solid, physical cover corner who would offer a talent upgrade in the secondary. He also has great side for a cornerback and reminds me of Antonio Cromartie. The right pick here, plus he’s arguably the best player on the board.

26th Overall Pick – Houston Texans

Kendall Wright – Wide Receiver – Baylor

The Texans need depth at the receiver position. When Andre Johnson was out, the passing game significantly decreased (even though Schaub was out). Kevin Walter didn’t do a great job and Jacoby Jones was useless. They need a good speedy possession receiver, who could also be a deep threat. Not too many people better than Wright. He had an unbelievable year with RG3 at Baylor and was arguably the most productive receiver in the country. The Texans could use him as their defense is great, their O-line is great and their backfield is great. A #2 receiver is arguably their biggest need. He could have gone to the Browns, but Zach Brown is a bigger need and RG3 is not going there.

27th Overall Pick – New England Patriots (from Saints)

Whitney Mercelius – Defensive End – Illinois

The Patriots could use younger pass rushing DEs. Mercelius is good in both a 3-4 and 4-3. He could play 4-3 DE and 3-4 OLB. Andre Carter and Mark Anderson are both free agents and the general consensus is that one of them is staying and one of them is going. If that’s the case, then Mercelius must be drafted. He had 16 sacks this last year due to his good speed and great first step. He’s very underrated and he’s a top 20, maybe top 15 talent. This is a great value pick for the Patriots, and even if Carter and Anderson stay, they should still pick him as Carter doesn’t have many years left in this league.

28th Overall Pick – Green Bay Packers

Nick Perry – Defensive End – University of Southern California

The Packers defense was pretty bad this year. The Packers pass rush was just off this year; everything was just off thie year for the Packers: the rush defense, the pass defense and the lack of pressure on the QB. Clay Matthews had a good year, but it’s clear they need someone to compliment him. There is no better pick in the draft (out of the remaining players) than Nick Perry. He can easily play 3-4 outside linebacker, and he went to USC, the same school as Matthews! It’s a match made in heaven for the Packers.

29th Overall Pick –Baltimore Ravens

Dont’a Hightower – Inside Linebacker – Alabama

The Ravens want to look for a replacement as Ray Lewis is getting really old, and they’re going to need another inside linebacker as Jameel McClain can’t do it all by himself. Hightower is a big, good tackling linebacker who was on a bad team. He can get to the quarterback and is good in coverage. He’s a project and the heir to Ray Lewis. They could use this pick on a center, but there is no good center near the top of the board. They could trade up for Peter Konz, but it’s not worth it. Matt Birk is old, but not retired and still doing well. Another reason why the Ravens should pick Hightower is because Ray Lewis has been injury prone the last few years, and although their defense does fine without him, he could use a backup. It’s the perfect pick for the Ravens here. He reminds me of Jeremiah Trotter.

30th Overall Pick –San Francisco 49ers

Zebrie Sanders – Offensive Tackle – Florida State

Joe Staley is a very good left tackle, unfortunately, Anthony Davis is a horrible right tackle. He was just absolutely torched many times this season, whether it be against the Ravens, Eagles or Giants, he was bad. It’s looking like he is becoming a very big bust. Now, he is still young and there is still hope for him, but I think the 49ers should draft Sanders, and make Davis and Sanders fight for the starting right tackle job. Whoever wins deserves it. The loser can either stay the backup or fight for the starting right guard spot with Adam Snyder. They need to give Alex Smith all the protection he could get, or he’ll just end up like the quarterback he was several years ago.

31st Overall Pick – New England Patriots

Alshon Jeffrey – Wide Receiver – South Carolina

The Patriots not only need a big deep threat receiver, but they need youth at the receiver spot. Alshon Jeffrey is a big body, who is a unbelievable great deep threat, the best deep threat receiver in this draft. He has good hands and good size, but he’s not that strong, so he won’t beat physical cornerbacks. Alshon Jeffrey has some attitude problems and work ethic problems, but the Patriots seem to don’t mind that as they bring in the troubled. Just look at Hernandez. 2nd round talent drops to the 4th round just because of marijuana. The Pats pick him up anyways. The Pats discipline everyone under Belicheck, and they bring out the full potential in that person. This is a must pick for the Pats as he’s on some big boards, the 2nd best receiver.

32nd Overall Pick – New York Giants

Dwayne Allen – Tight End – Clemson

Jake Ballard is a free agent and even with the Giants he’s average at best. Besides the Patriots game, his season was mediocre. Eli Manning needs to get a new target as they’re going to lose one in Mario Manningham, and Hakeem Nicks gets injured quite a bit. They have some good depth at TE with Travis Beckum, but he’s a backup at best. They should let Ballard walk and draft Allen. They could also keep Ballard and get Allen and create a 2-headed TE monster, like they did in New England. A very good value pick here for the World Champs.

2nd Round

33rd Overall Pick – St Louis Rams

Stephon Gilmore – Cornerback – South Carolina

Arguably the biggest need on the Rams is the cornerback spot. They have a ton of bodies at the position, but not much quality. In Stephon Gimore you get a pretty big CB with good speed and instincts. He has a lot of potential and could really help out the Rams right away. The just signed Cortland Finnegan and they have Ron Bartell, so make Finnegan the new #1 guy and let Gilmore and Bartell battle it out for the #2 spot. Gilmore is the best available cornerback.

34th Overall Pick – Indianapolis Colts

Chase Minnifield – Cornerback – Virginia

Like the Rams, the Colts biggest need (or arguably) is the cornerback spot. Kelvin Hayden was released last year and Tryon was gone during the season. The only quality player there is Powers. They need some bodies there and some quality. Minnifield is a great pick here. He played well in man and zone coverages, something new coach Pagano uses a lot. He also has pretty good size and speed.

35th Overall Pick – Minnesota Vikings

Rueben Randle – Wide Receiver – LSU

The Vikings need help on offense. They have their running game, they have their QB and they have their #1 receiver, and their tight end. Now they need an interior O-line and a #2 wide receiver for Christian Ponder. Rueben Randle has good size, good speed and good hands. He’s a good all around receiver which makes for a great #2 receiver. The very impressive part is that he played for LSU, a program that has 2 below average QBs in Lee and Jefferson and it’s a team that tends to not pass the ball a lot, but he still puts up great numbers. He had 917 yards with 8 touchdowns this last year in his junior year. This pick gives Ponder more help and it makes the interior O-line the new priority on the offense.

36th Overall Pick –Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lamichael James – Running Back – Oregon

Lagarette Blount is a good running back, but in my opinion, he would be more effective if they use him like the Giants use Brandon Jacobs, as a third down back and short yardage guy. Lamichael James is a fantastic running back who is a good receiving running back (Blount is terrible) and is the perfect running back for this offense. With him in now, they could effectively utilize the big and small running back attack. They have the big running back in Blount and the have the small running back in James. James was arguably the most productive running backs in the nation last year and was a Heisman finalist. He had 1800 yards and 18 touchdowns with 210 yards receiving. He had 1700 yards in his sophomore year (RS) and 1500 yards in his freshman year. He has 53 touchdowns in his college career (3 years). He’s a great pick that a lot of people seem to be overlooking.

37th Overall Pick – Cleveland Browns

Brian Quick – Wide Receiver – Appalachian State

The Browns are not only looking for a wide receiver, but they are looking for a big wide receiver. They have a good #2 receiver in Greg Little, but he’s a possession receiver, which makes a good #2 guy. They need a quick new big guy and who better than Brian Quick. He’s arguably the best wide receiver on the board. With this pick, the Browns will take off 3 of their biggest needs. The Browns lost the sweepstakes for RG3, so they must go forward with Colt McCoy. He’s not good enough to win by himself, so get him all the help he could get. The O-line is getting good, the running back core would be good with Richardson and their receiving would become pretty good with Quick and Little, and even Massaquoi.

38th Overall Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike Adams – Offensive Tackle – Ohio State

The Jaguars need to give Blaine Gabbert all the protection he can get, as he gets very scared when faced with a pass rush. Eugene Monroe is becoming a good left tackle and they have some nice prospects at guard and Meester at center, so right tackle is the big need. He has great size, strength and athleticism that could make him a good left tackle, let alone right tackle. A great value pick here.

39th Overall Pick – St Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)

Fletcher Cox – Defensive Tackle – Mississippi State

Now that they have their cornerback situation resolved and a big chunk of their wide receiver need resolved, time to move to other pressing issues. The defensive tackle spot is a joke on the Rams. They have essentially no one up the gut, besides Fred Robbins who’s getting pretty old. They need youth and talent at that spot and Cox fills that perfectly. He has 1st round talent as he’s quick and has a good first step. He could go in right away, and play right away. With good pressure up the middle, it would help the linebackers, as the defense won’t have to rely on them too much. This pick helps the defense a lot surprisingly.

40th Overall Pick – Carolina Panthers

Kelechi Osemele – Offensive Guard – Iowa State

The Panthers could use a good guard as they are missing a good right guard. Osemele is a good pro ready guard who could come in and start right away. He has the ideal guard size; he’s thick. He is good at pass blocking and run blocking. He’s tough to move and he could give Cam Newton time to throw and help him develop into a great passing quarterback. This pick is a bit of a reach.

41st Overall Pick – Buffalo Bills

Andre Branch – Defensive End – Clemson

The Bills need a pass rusher; they need a guy who can get to the quarterback. The Bills will be switching to a 4-3, but will probably keep the 3-4. Either way Andre Branch could play 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB, he’s that versatile and that speedy. He ran a 4.70, which is a little slower than Robert Mathis. Branch has the potential to go in the 1st round so with that being said he’s one of the best players on the board and he fills a big need for the Bills.

42nd Overall Pick –Miami Dolphins

Vinny Curry – Defensive End – Marshall

One of the Dolphins’ biggest needs is a pass rusher or a defensive end. Vinny Curry is not the best defensive end player on the board, but he is the best pass rusher. He had 23 sacks in his last 2 years at Marshall. He’s a strong player who has some good moves. He’s a little slow and a little small, but he makes up for it with his great first step. The Dolphins need a guy like him and he could definitely compliment Cameron Wake.

43rd Overall Pick – Seattle Seahawks

Jared Crick – Defensive End – Nebraska

The third defensive end in a row; Crick is a strong guy who is great against the run, which although the Seahawks were good against the run, they could have been a bit better. He has a continuous motor and could easily develop into a good pass rusher, something the Seahawks dearly need. They also need a guy who can compliment Chris Clemons. Crick can be a starter right away and he can make that line very good.

44th Overall Pick – Kansas City Chiefs

Coby Fleener – Tight End – Stanford

Although tight end is not a big need, it’s hard to pass up on a monster like Fleener. The 6’6 245 pounder is a great route runner and has good hands, not to mention he’s not that slow (4.77 40 yard dash). Tony Moeki just came off a season ending ACL injury and even then he’s not the greatest starter. When Moeki is healthy he barely gets over 500 yards. They need more options on offense, and Fleener could be that guy. They just drafted Jon Baldwin at receiver, they have Breaston and Bowe, so wide receiver is not really a need. Drafting Fleener is risky, but I believe it will pay off.

45th Overall Pick – Dallas Cowboys

Brandon Washington – Offensive Guard – University of Miami

Kyle Kosier just came off ACL surgery and their two other veteran guards Derrick Dockery and Montrae Holland are both free agents. They need protection as Tony Romo had some injuries last year like a punctured lung and a finger injury. Brandon Washington is a left tackle who can become a very good guard. He declared himself as a guard, but if any injuries happen to Smith or Free, he could come in and do a good job. He could be a starting left guard for many years to come in Dallas.

46th Overall Pick – Philadelphia Eagles

Lavonte David – Outside Linebacker – University of Miami

The Eagles love speedy good tackling linebackers that aren’t the biggest guys. They have Brian Rolle, Casey Matthews and Akeem Jordan, all 230 pounds or smaller. Lavonte David is one of the faster outside linebackers and has good instincts. He is a fantastic reliable tackler, which is something the Eagles badly need. Their biggest need is linebacker and it will be outside linebacker after they take Kuechly in the first round. A bit of stretch, but we’ve seen a ton of stretches recently like Pat Angerer drafted in the 2nd round (projected to go in the 4th) and Jonas Mouton in the 2nd round (projected to go in late 3rd). It’s a good fit for the Eagles.

47th Overall Pick – New York Jets

Dwight Jones – Wide Receiver – North Carolina

With Plaxico on the way out, they could use a big body in there, plus they have no real depth at the wide receiver spot with Plaxico. Dwight Jones is pretty quick for a big guy and had one of the most productive seasons in the country this year. The Jets could use a good reliable big receiver as they’re aren’t many left out there. A bit of a stretch but it will pay off. Plus you need to give Sanchez all the help he can get.

48th Overall Pick – New England Patriots (from Raiders)

Nick Toon – Wide Receiver – Wisconsin

The Patriots not only need a receiver, but a receiver that can be a deep threat. Nick Toon is the best remaining receiver that can fill those needs. He is not the fastest and not the biggest, but he’s quick off the line and knows how to get open. His father was a player too, and Toon is NFL ready as he is a senior. He had a great year with Russell Wilson throwing to him. Toon has a good amount of potential and with Tom Brady as his QB, he could definitely exceed that potential. With this pick, it makes the wide receiver spot a non issue for the Patriots.

49th Overall Pick – San Diego Chargers

Billy Winn – Defensive End – Boise State

Luis Castillo is not with the team anymore and Vaughn Martin is not ready to be a starter. They need a good 3-4 defensive end and Billy Winn is that guy. He’s got the size, and he has not bad speed. He is both a good run stopper and can sometimes get to the QB. He had 35 tackles and 3 sacks in his senior year. He has good potential in this league and with the right system can achieve that potential. A bit of a reach here, but they need to help out their 3-4 DE spot.

50th Overall Pick – Chicago Bears

Kevin Zeitler – Offensive Guard – Wisconsin

The Bears need a good guard even if Lance Louis moves inside. If that’s the case, then they would need a good left guard. Kevin Zeitler was apart of one of the best lines in the NCAA last year. His O-line allowed only 22 sacks all year and Zeitler was one of the key components of that line. He could come in right away and have a good impact just like Carimi did before he got injured. A good value pick here.

51st Overall Pick – Philadelphia Eagles (from Cardinals)

George Iloka – Free Safety – Boise State

The Eagles are safety troubles. Nate Allen is constantly injured and even as a starter he’s mediocre at best. They need some new talent in there. They need to give Allen some competition or maybe move him over to strong safety and let Iloka take over free safety. He’s a good strong player who can tackle well and can cover well in zone coverages. He’s not that fast however. This is a good value pick for the Eagles as this is one of their big needs.

52nd Overall Pick – Tennessee Titans

Leonard Johnson – Cornerback – Iowa State

Cortland Finnegan is gone and they need a new cornerback to (for now) take over the #2 cornerback spot. Time will tell if Jason McCourty is ready for the #1 receiver spot, but for now he’s that guy. Leonard Johnson is a small, but speedy instinctive cornerback who is great at covering the intermediate to long routes. He kind of reminds me of Ellis Hobbs in the sense that he could cover the long ball well and has some good leaping ability.

53rd Overall Pick – Cincinnati Bengals

Antonio Allen – Free Safety – South Carolina

Reggie Nelson is a free safety, and he’s a replaceable player. Antonio Allen is a pro-ready safety who is pretty good in coverage. He possesses a tall long frame that includes room to get stronger. He’s a good athlete who possesses good speed and good range. He needs to get stronger and tackler a little better, but he’ll learn that, especially under Mike Zimmer. A good pick here.

54th Overall Pick – Detroit Lions

Alfonzo Dennard – Cornerback – Nebraska

The Lions biggest need is their secondary. Their safeties are fine, but they need some help at cornerback. Alphonso Smith is the only starter there. Chris Houston is more of a nickel-back cornerback. He is a 1st round talent, but his knee injury brings his draft stock lower. He’s also a small cornerback who many predict will be beat by a lot of bigger wide receivers. Dennard could help them out right away as a #2 cornerback. It fills their biggest need.

55th Overall Pick – Atlanta Falcons

Ben Jones – Center – Georgia

Todd McClure is getting up there in age and they could use an upgrade in the interior part of their line. Ben Jones can offer that. He has good initial quickness and can be a good leader on the line. Jones is good against any kind of defender, whether it be the speedy ones, or the powerful ones. This is a future pick for the Falcons as he will be the anchor of the line in a couple of years, and for now, he could play as a guard and backup center.

56th Overall Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers

Bobbie Massie – Offensive Tackle / Offensive Guard – Mississippi

The Steelers biggest need is their offensive line and depth at that spot. They just released Chris Komoeatu, and they need a new guard or backup tackle. Bobbie Massie is very versatile and could play both spots easily. Very good off the snap and has great long arms and strength. He unfortunately relies on his athleticism too much, but some good DTs or DEs beating him should change that. He has the ability of playing anywhere on the line. He reminds me of Ben Ijalana.

57th Overall Pick – Denver Broncos

Orson Charles – Tight End – Georgia

Has the potential to be the best tight end in this draft. He’s a great receiving tight end and with Tebow, he needs all the help he can get, so getting an Aaron Hernandez-like player would realy help him. Charles is fast, has great hands and runs good routes. He’s great after the catch. His blocking is iffy, but the thing you’re getting out of him is his receiving ability. He could possibly sneak to the top of the 2nd round or even the Giants at 32nd overall.

58th Overall Pick – Houston Texans

Josh Chapman – Defensive Tackle — Alabama

Shaun Cody is pretty good, but he lacks consistency. Some plays he’s there, on others he’s not. Chapman is a great great run stopper and an okay pass rusher. Josh Chapman has Vince Wilfork like potential. Teams in the early 2nd round are eyeing him. Point is, he’s one of the best players left on the board and he helps out one of the Texans needs. He’s bigger than Cody and he’s a better run stopper than Cody. He and Shaun could battle it out for that starting NT spot.

59th Overall Pick – New Orleans Saints

Brandon Thompson – Defensive Tackle – Clemson

The Saints could use a good DT as that’s probably their biggest need. Shaun Rogers and Aubrayo Franklin have been busts, and they need new young blood in there. Brandon Thompson is that guy. He can get to the QB and stop the run. He’s a very good run stopper though. He’s pretty small, but quick and has a good first step. He’s actually a very underrated prospect and has early 2nd round talent. Thompson had 46 tackles in his senior year. He’s pro ready and could make an impact right away, and could easily win the job over Rogers and Franklin.

60th Overall Pick – Green Bay Packers

David Wilson – Running Back – Virginia Tech

Ryan Grant is a free agent, and the only good running back on the roster is James Starks, who gets injured every now and then. They could use a good running back and make a nice 2 back attack with Starks. Wilson is a great running back who had an amazing year with 1700 yards and 9 touchdowns in his senior year. He’s quick, small and agile, the running back that they need for that team instead of the brash running back they’ve had in the last 10 years (Ahman Green, Grant, Starks). Wilson is also the best player on the board. This is the perfect pick for the Packers.

61st Overall Pick – Baltimore Ravens

Trumaine Johnson – Cornerback – Montana

The Ravens may be losing Ladarius Webb, and even if they don’t, they could use a good nickel cornerback. Trumaine Johnson can offer his great experience with press coverages and zone coverages, something the Ravens use. He’s very expendable. He’s a great pursuiter and can read receivers routes very well and can cut off the receivers in route. That’s what the Ravens need: a ball hawk. He needs to work on his speed and some other things, but he has the potential to be a very good cornerback for the Ravens.

62nd Overall Pick – San Francisco 49ers

Stephen Hill – Wide Receiver – Georgia Tech

They just signed Randy Moss, but who knows if he’ll pan out. Odds are, no, and even if he does, it’s only a one year deal and they’ll need receivers in the future. They have Michael Crabtree who is the new #1 WR, and with a bunch of okay depth players, they’ll need to have that new #2 guy. Josh Morgan is gone too, so this becomes a bigger need.

63rd Overall Pick – New England Patriots

Bobby Wagner – Outside Linebacker – Utah State

The Patriots could use a new outside linebacker. Ninkovich has been pretty good, but he’s been too inconsistent. He’s had some great games, but he’s also had some bad ones. Time to put him on the bench as a backup. Lavonte David is a speedy very good 4-3 OLB. He has great instincts and is a pretty good tackler. He’s also good in coverage and is also an experienced pass rusher. He’s a great overall OLB who can end up being a great compliment to Jerod Mayo, maybe even as good as Mayo.

64th Overall Pick – New York Giants

Lamar Miller – Running Back – University of Miami

The Giants just released Brandon Jacobs and the only solid running back on that team is Ahmad Bradshaw. Lamar Miller has early 2nd round talent, but has dropped due to inexperience, but he has a ton of upside. He is a small quick strong running back, who reminds me of a bigger, but not as good MJD. He had over 1200 yards and 9 TDs in the run heavy Hurricanes offense. He’s not a good receiving option. When running up the gut, he looks for holes to run through and when running to the outside, he uses his blazing speed to get there. He ran a 4.41 40-yard dash at the combine. He doesn’t break many tackles, but he’s very quick so that helps a bit. A good value pick for the Giants here, especially after the departure of Jacobs.