2012 Colts Mock Draft

2012 Colts Mock Draft

1st Overall Pick (1st Round)

Andrew Luck – Quarterback – Stanford

This pick is a no brainer. Andrew Luck is not only the best QB in college right now, but he’s one of the best prospects in recent memory. He’s been considered to be the next Peyton Manning. Speaking of Manning, even if Peyton returns or not, the Colts need to draft Andrew Luck. If Manning is healthy, it means that Luck will be the eventual heir to Manning. Manning will teach Luck everything he knows, and there is no better person to learn from then Peyton. If Manning is not ready to go, well the Colts got their QB for the next several years. It’s a win-win situation, but Manning staying is a better situation. He will become a better QB if Manning stays around. He’s the obvious choice, and coincidentally this will be the 2nd time where a 1st year GM will have the first overall pick, and the top player is a QB. The last time it happened was in 1998 with Peyton Manning.

34th Overall Pick (2nd Round)

Chase Minnifield – Cornerback / Return Specialist – Virginia

The Colts need to spend a high draft pick on a cornerback. The secondary was horrible this year, and it’s not good if the Colts only have one good cornerback in Jerraud Powers. They need another good corner who can shutdown number 2 targets. Minnifield plays both man coverage and zone coverage. He’s very good at both. Teams in colleges are throwing away from him. He’s a great tackler, and can break off tackles very nicely. Another thing that makes him valuable is that he’s a very good punt returner too, something the Colts need very badly. He fits two needs for the Colts, and can be a starter for a long time. He has the potential to be like an Antonio Cromartie.


65th Overall Pick (3rd Round)

Kevin Zeitler – Offensive Guard – Wisconsin

This fills a need for the Colts. Keitler has done a very good job this year protecting Russell Wilson, who was sacked only 22 times. He was solid this year and he can come in a play right away. He’s one of the better centers coming out of college this year. Ryan Diem is in his contract year, and Joe Reitz has been an okay short term solution, but he’s a better backup. If Ryan Diem doesn’t stay, Zeitler could become the new right guard. He could be an upgrade. If Ryan Diem does stay, Zeitler and Reitz can battle it out for the left guard spot. He’s the right choice here.

98th Overall Pick (4th Round)

Marcus Forston – Defensive Tackle – University of Miami

In recent years, the Colts have used a lot of picks on defensive tackles. They used those defensive tackles picks on utility tackles. Now it’s time for them to use it on a 4-3-nose tackle. Marcus Forston is the perfect fit. I’m tired of seeing Antonio Johnson in there. It’s time to give Mookie Johnson some competition. If Johnson wins, then he deserves it, but if he doesn’t, it goes to show you that he doesn’t deserve to be the starter. Forston has had some knee injury troubles, but when healthy is a good run stopper and good pass rusher. He’s good in every situation. This is a good pick, which they need, because an upgrade at the nose tackle position is needed.

129th Overall Pick (5th Round)

Tony Dye – Strong Safety – UCLA

This is very similar to the Marcus Forston pick; Melvin Bullit needs competition. Like Forston, Dye has had some injury troubles, but when healthy is very, very good.  He’s a very good tackler, who can play in the box. He’s very versatile, and is the leader of that defense. He can play either safety spot. He’s a solid backup, and I believe that in time, he could take over the strong safety position. He will give Melvin Bullit some competition, which is good, because everyone wants Melvin to reach his full potential. He also serves as a nice backup to Antoine Bethea, and could take over if anything bad happens to Bethea. This is a good value pick.

162nd Overall Pick (6th Round)

Dan Hoch – Offensive Tackle – Missouri

This is a good pick because the tackle position needs depth. Ben Ijalana and Anthony Castonzo are the tackles of the future, but the Colts don’t want just Linkenbach as the backup. They need some depth. He has a good amount of potential and was a pretty good starter this year in Missouri. He could provide depth to the left tackle position and could be a very good backup to Anthony Castonzo. The Colts had some trouble at the tackle positions with injuries, so having a good backup isn’t bad to have. Peyton (or Andrew) need all the protection they can get. He’s a big guy who’s very strong. His footwork needs some work, but he needs is experience and practice. Going up against Dwight Freeney in practice should help that out.

193rd Overall Pick (7th Round)

Nathan Stupar – Outside Linebacker – Penn State University

Gary Brackett may not come back to the Colts, and the same can be said about Ernie Sims. The Colts need some depth, or a potential starter. Don’t laugh at 7th rounders becoming starters, Kavell Conner was drafted in the 7th round and he’s a starter now, and a very good one at that. Penn State is a great school that has produced some great kids. Stupar will provide good depth, and if needed could probably come in and do a nice job as a starter. He’s a good all around linebacker that makes a lot of stops for losses. This last year, he had 7 starts with 73 tackles (3rd on team), 6.5 tackles for loss, 1 interception, 2 sacks and a forced fumble. He’s a senior and his coach was Joe Paterno for most of the time, which means he’s pretty pro ready. He could be a nice addition to the Colts, who badly need depth at LB, especially if Brackett and Sims could not come back.

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