#2 Is Not That Bad

Many knew that RG3 would close the gap between himself and Luck, how much well that just depends on who you ask, but for conversation sake what if the Colts rated the two very similar after the inhouse interviews, this would lead to a situation where it would not matter if we had the #1 or #2 pick, for this reason I propose the following trade ideas.

1. Colts trade their #1 pick to STL for the #2 and a future first round pick. This helps both teams, altough the Rams will get a ton of picks for the #2 pick they could probably get a little more for the #1. For the Colts they pick up another pick that will help them rebuild for the future.

2. Colts trade their #1 pick to STL for the #2 and Sam Bradford, the outcome of this will be a little different, instead of trading the #1 STL. We then trade Sam Bradford to the Browns for their 22nd and 37th and 131st

3. Colts trade their #1 pick to STL for the #2 Roger Saffold, and Robert Quinn, the Rams continue with the idea set forth in the first scenario. The colts do not get the 1st pick for next year but they get two quality guys.

In all these scenarios the Colts take RG3 in the first, with the first scenario the Colts either keep the pick or trade it for multiple picks in this years draft.

With the 2nd scenario the Colts get RG3, and with the picks in the next 3 rounds they could really improve the team with a lot of young talent quickly.

Just some ideas:

#2 Robert Griffin III

#22 Micheal Floyd, Dontari Poe, Mark Barron

#33 Harrison Smith, Stephen Hill, Rueben Randle

#36 Ta’amu, Peter Konz, Stephon Gilmore or Chase Minnifield

#65 Brandon Boykin or Jayron Hosley or Trumaine Johnson, George Iloka, Herbon Fangupo

This would not be a bad way to start out a draft class at all, but this scenario all depends on how the Rams value Bradford compared to Luck.

In scenario 3 we would get two young good prospects, one who could be used as a 3-4 outside LB, the other whose play decreased this past year and from what I have heard STL is looking for a new starting LT.

This would allow us to switch him to RT and move big Ben inside at guard.

I would not mind any of these scenarios, I like Luck but I also like Griffin and I would be happy with whatever outcome.