Explaining the Colts Nickel Defensive Line

Editor's Note- Moved from Reader Blog to the front page because it is absolutely excellent. Great job by Kyle Winslow. Read it, follow him on Twitter, etc. -KJR A few days ago Kyle Rodriguez published an excellent article detailing how defensive lineman are used in the Colts' base 3-4 defense.  Mostly due to my own insatiable football […]

Good Bye, Bye Week: Preparing to Attack the Pack in Week 5.

Bye weeks. Is it just me or do they leave you with a slightly empty feeling come Monday night? Sitting through the Thursday night game, all three rounds of games on Sunday, and then Monday night without seeing my beloved Colts play, makes for quite an incomplete weekend in my opinion. Alas, all teams need […]

The Once and Future Colt: Slinging It

In his third game as a Bronco, Peyton Manning started looking like his former, blue-and-white self. His final stat line that was good, not great: 26/52 for 330 yards, with 2 TD’s and zero INT’s. But for those of us who think he’s the GOAT, and hope to see him solidify that claim with continued […]

Peyton Manning: once and future Colt. Pitstop: Chicago

By Goéland.     In today´s first installment of this series I promised to pierrezombie long ago, or so it seems now that the wheels of time have put concrete snaps with new players between us and the Peyton Manning era in Indy, we´ll visit another timeline, one where Jim Irsay woke up on the […]

The Plight of Freeney

Reader Blog moved to the front page, it’s an interesting read that deserves to be talked about. I don’t necessarily agree with everything here, but it’s a discussion that should be had. – KR Sunday was painful, about as painful as any regular season game in recent memory.  Despite what all the pundits were saying […]

Film Breakdown: Andrew Lucks First Two Interceptions

Welcome to the first installment of Film Breakdown! In previous years when I used to do this, I was limited to breaking down plays through the television film which didn’t provide very good angles to see the fine details of a game. It also did not provide a view which allowed poeple to see every […]

Oliver Luck: Father and Coach of Andrew Luck

In most cases, if someone achieves greatness in their life, there is someone behind the scenes who pushed, encouraged, and supported them. Andrew Luck has achieved greatness, in high school and college. Experts expect him to be successful in the NFL also. So who was the person behind Luck who helped him reach his maximum […]

A risk worth taking

Vontae Davis was worth the risk for the Indianapolis Colts.  Even at the price of a second round pick.  But to understand why, you can’t look at Davis by himself.   I am teacher.  Great teachers can find the smart or talented kids, even when they try to hide.  They can see through the crazy […]

Vontae Davis and Valuing Draft Picks

So by now you may have heard that the Colts acquired cornerback Vontae Davis from the Miami Dolphins. I think it was on the news and stuff. The Colts gave Miami their second-round pick in the 2013 draft and a conditional sixth-round pick. Since the news broke there have been plenty of questions about Davis, […]

BREAKING: Peyton Manning Still Peyton Manning

While it only lasted for a quarter, yesterday Peyton Manning looked decidedly like his former self; the most notable difference was a lack of a horseshoe on the side of his helmet. Changing the play at the line, making hand gestures to his receivers, backing out from under center immediately before the snap, sliding around in the […]

Vontae Davis to the Colts

The Colts have agreed to a trade for Fins CB Vontae Davis for 2nd rd pick. Fact: According to  Profootballfocus Davis is ranked 49th amongst the corners. Ranked lower tham Powers. 2nd rd pick?   Hmmm…

The N. “if” L. – What If The Baltimore Colts Had Drafted John Elways, As Planned

Here’s a segment I stumbled across on  Goes into great detail on what would have happened if the Baltimore Colts had called Elway on his bluff and drafted him.    – BuyMyMonkey  

Guest Post: Players We Watched (Who Aren’t on the Roster Yet)

Editor’s Note: This is a great piece by one of our readers, Kyle Winslow. He’s written a few things this offseason, such as one that was featured on Football Outsiders, and did a great job with this one in the Reader Blog section of Colts Authority. It’s an informative piece that deserves to be read. […]

Fantasy Football anyone

This is just a reminder that there was a 2nd dynasty league set up through Coltsauthority, and it does not yet seem to be filled, currently there are 4 open spots in a 12 man league, I know some of you may have just made your way back to checking out the website since the […]

Maurice Jones-Drew Coming to the Colts??

No, not really.  But it’s amazing what two question marks can do. Ahem, living here in Florida, there really isn’t much to cheer for.  Hot, humid state that tourists come in and “use” and leave.  Poor education funding.  Mosquitos.   Voter lockouts.  Sharks.  Hurricanes.  Now I’m depressed.  But I digress – There’s also Pirates, Water Mammals […]

Peyton’s First Scrimmage in Denver Brings Out 40,000 fans

(Peyton: ” ‘at’s a-spicy meatball!” Article in Sports Illustrated of Peyton’s first scrimmage in Denver.  This brought out over 40,000 fans, which more than doubled the previous number of fans they’ve had for a camp workout.  Some folks wore Colts #18 jerseys, it said, with signs telling Peyton we miss him in Indy. (we do!) […]

TE Coby Fleener guest writing’s Monday Morning Quarterback

Hey guys!   As promised, here’s Coby Fleener’s guest article on for Monday Morning Quarterback! Really interesting stuff here regarding the NFL Rookie Symposium and some tidbits on Fleener’s relationship with Luck. Here’s a snippet:   “…To test the wireless keypad system, and to get responses to a survey, the NFL did a trial […]

Are “we” a part of the team?

As the football news comes to a standstill during this unbearable lull between the mini-camp and training camp, I have, once again, started to see a growth in stories and debates that come up every year and are left unresolved. Much like years in the past, one of the debates moving through the message boards […]

TE Coby Fleener guest writing Peter King’s Monday Morning QB column 7/2

Written by TheGreatMisdirect   Hey guys!   So I just read Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column that he writes weekly and comes out on Monday (if you didn’t already figure that out). Well, while Peter goes on summer vacation soon, and he’ll be having some guest writers in to write the column, which includes […]

Practice? We’re talking about practice?

  INDIANAPOLIS — Believe it or not, there was a lot to take from the Colts’ mini-camp practice at Lucas Oil Stadium on Wednesday. With the sun shining bright and retractable roof wide open, the setting couldn’t have been any more perfect for fans to get their first taste of this new era of Colts […]