Check it to Pancakes, Episode 15: Week 11 – Colts at Patriots

This week’s podcast includes special guest Nate Dunlevy (that’s Done-Lev-EE not Done-leave-EE), founder and lead blogger at  Last name pronunciation aside, he will always be Sensitive Mike to Coltzilla.  Episode 15 reviews the Colts victory over the Bengals, provides updates and insights into the health of Colts players, and previews the big game on Sunday afternoon against the New England Patriots in Foxborough. As always, we invite you to listen to the podcast and provide any comments or feedback on our performance.  We work hard to provide fans with the content they are looking for in a podcast.  If we’re missing the mark, let us know. *A personal note: please visit to order your copy of Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts.  Frankly, having read the book myself, I think it is a must own and must read for any Colts fan, young or old, and one of the easiest Colts fan Christmas gifts of the holiday season.  Stocking stuffer?  Your friend is a Colts fan?  Get them a copy of Blue Blood.  A personal thank you to Nate for participating this week.