CA Radio: Inside the Writer’s Block- Reviewing the Conference Championships

At 4:00 p.m. ET, Scott and Kyle look back at a depressing championship weekend. Listen to today’s show by clicking HERE! Also follow us on Stitcher: The number to call in is (619) 996-1632 Notes on how to call in with Skype: Join in the discussion in the open thead below, or tweet with us 

Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line: AFC Championship Game vs. Patriots

You and I both know what happened in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday. The Colts lost. Badly. Again. And the Patriots were using deflated footballs. Instead of belaboring the same old points about the offense’s ineptitude, the coaches’ ineptitude, the defense’s ineptitude and Roger Goodell’s ineptitude, I’m going to do what I do best: focus […]

CA Offseason Primer: NFL Draft Intro

It’s NFL Draft time! Or NFL Free Agency time! Or NFL statistical studies and film charting of the previous season time! The offseason is actually really fun for me, because it lets me take more time to study things that the week-to-week nature of the season doesn’t really allow. So, while I’m depressed and embarrassed […]

AFC Championship Game Report Card: Colts @ Patriots

After a terrific win in Denver, the Colts looked helpless in Foxboro, resulting in one of the most humiliating losses in recent memory and with it, the end of the 2014-2015 season.   OFFENSE: We have to start with Andrew Luck. 13/33 for 126 yards and two interceptions? Yuck. You can ignore both picks if […]

Ball-gate: Patriots Under Investigation for Cheating. Again.

Ah, another chapter in the lore of the New England Patriots’ apparent disregard for rules or sportsmanship: Bill Belichick’s deflated balls. Yes, the pats are under investigation for slightly deflating their footballs for last night’s game to make them easier to handle, throw, and catch. This is significant because each team uses their own set […]

Eyes in the Backfield: Patriots 45 Colts 7

12 Things We Saw in Sunday’s New England-Indianapolis Game Well that was ugly. There’s only so much to say about a game where one side was completely outmatched.  So let’s say it, pack up and move on to 2015. 1. We saw predictability. While we (the royal we) hoped the game would be close, what […]

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Colts Flatlined in the AFC Championship 45-7

A little part, perhaps even a big part, of all of us knew it could end this way. The Patriots are a more talented team, playing at home. The Colts had fallen flat against elite teams all year, and there was a lingering feeling that the Denver team they saw last week just didn’t have […]

Colts-Pats tickets predictably high with Super Bowl on the line

The Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots both started off the 2014 NFL season at 2-2 and looking nothing like true Super Bowl contenders. All these weeks later, they’ll go up against each other to decide who gets to go fight for the Lombardi Trophy in Glendale, Arizona. Andrew Luck aims to upend a legend […]

DENVER, CO - JANUARY 11:  Vontae Davis #21 of the Indianapolis Colts walks offsides the field after sustaining an apparent injury  during a 2015 AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Denver Broncos  at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 11, 2015 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Tape Review: Vontae Davis’ Elite Day Against Peyton Manning

Editor’s note: You guessed it, another Colts Academy piece moved here due to server issues. I wish we could do this piece justice with layout, but our hands are tied. Regardless, Jack Browne does a great job here.  At this point, Colts fans love affair with Vontae Davis is getting out of hand. After a […]

A Guide to Being a Colts Fan During Patriots Week

It has come to my attention, through the magic of Twitter dot com, that there is a surprisingly large group of Colts fans that began their fanhood in the last five years, completely missing the glories of a young Peyton Manning, the Triplets and Gilbert Gardner. Though many of those fans have embraced the anti-New […]

CA Radio- Inside the Writer’s Block: Championship Games are Coming

At 4:00 p.m. ET, Scott and Kyle look at the NFL’s divisional round and the two matchups in the AFC and NFC Championship games. Listen to tonight’s show by clicking HERE! Also follow us on Stitcher: The number to call in is (619) 996-1632 Notes on how to call in with Skype: Join in the discussion in the open […]

during a 2015 AFC Divisional Playoff game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 11, 2015 in Denver, Colorado.

Charting the Colts’ Offensive Line: Divisional Round vs. Broncos

Writer’s note: Due to ongoing server issues at Colts Academy, I’m over here again this week, and I’ll probably stay here the rest of the season – however long that may be. Please see the toggles in my last Colts Academy post for definitions of terminology and disclaimers regarding subjectivity. The narrative would have been […]

Divisional Round Report Card: Colts at Broncos

What else can you say about this game? An amazing team effort by the Colts earned the greatest win in the Andrew Luck era. Time to beat those Patriots.   OFFENSE: Andrew Luck once again stole the show. He was very accurate all night long including a perfect 32-yard pass to Coby Fleener on third-and-16. […]