Yahoo Sports: Manning should retire

Les Carptenter of Yahoo! Sports thinks Manning should take his health, his legacy and his lasting impression on the city and retire no matter how hard it may be:

Maybe the competitive side of Manning refuses to let him leave the game behind. Players, no matter how beaten or bandaged, always believe they have something to offer simply because of their presence. The Redskins and Dolphins weren’t very good last year but superstar players (upon joining such organizations) are always sure the team just needed them and the leadership they brought. Usually this doesn’t turn out to be the case, and the last thing the team needed was a battered, old player telling everyone how to do their job.

But here goes Peyton Manning, bright and funny with a future ahead as a broadcaster or executive or whatever he wants to be, opening himself up to a greater injury, to a worse post-football life, destroying something that most modern-day players are unable to claim: the fact he made one city his home.