Wilson: Storylines This Week

This is probably the best way to summarize everything we’re paying attention to this week: Phil Wilson’s article on the Colts’s week 6 storylines. The injury debate, the Wayne/Cromartie matchup, the Jets’s QB debacle – you name it. About Reggie:

Wayne is expected to be covered by Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who blanketed Houston Pro Bowl star Andre Johnson Monday. Targeted six times, Johnson had one catch and Cromartie picked off a pass.

But what about? …

Top corners are the norm for Wayne. He drew Packers cornerback Charles Woodson and caught 13 passes for a career-high 212 yards and the game-winning TD.

Why yes; yes he did.

This leads me to my favorite headline this week, curtesy of the Courier Journal: Veteren receiver Reggie Wayne becomes leader for the Colts. Here’s the thing; before last Sunday, there were a lot of leaders on that offense, and picking one who stood out was nearly impossible. Justice? Avery? Linkenbach? The list goes on.

But here, honestly, is the most remarkable thing: while most people got a taste of Wayne’s performance and could only stand in awe, I think a lot of Colts fans were basically used to his play. Yes, it was nearing legendary statut … but not once did I look at Wayne last Sunday and think “Where did that come from?”

… except for that one-handed catch. I’ve watched that highlight about a dozen times, and he should not have caught that ball.