Wilson: Means nothing for Manning

Phillip B. Wilson thinks, among other things, that yesterday’s decision to fire Jim Caldwell will have little impact on the Manning decision:

That brings us to what to do with Manning. Some fear the worst because Grigson has yet to speak to the NFL’s only four-time MVP. I’m not reading into that as much, though. Again, to be fair, Grigson has been on the job for a few minutes, so to speak, and as he said it’s a piece-by-piece situation. Manning isn’t healthy yet, and we might not know for sure if he can be by the March 8 deadline for that $28 million team option. This much we do know, the decisions made on the front office and Caldwell didn’t require Manning’s input, not the way Irsay and Grigson made it sound. No disrespect to Manning, but they are looking at rebuilding a team for the long term, for life after Manning. They’re looking to build a more complete team, with or without Manning.