Wilson: Irsay Tweets Apology, For Some Reason

A 44-20 loss is disappointing from a coach's standpoint; your main goal is to limit injuries, and doing so while trying to get everyone some playing time is nearly impossible. In response, Chuck Pagano expressed his slight disappointment, saying that everyone was hoping to play better, and would do so in the following weeks. Remember, this was a game in which Buffalo kept their starters playing much longer than Indy did.

Meanwhile, according to Ryan Wilson, Jim Irsay was less than happy after the game. He chose to express his feelings via Twitter:

Many starters played briefly or were nursing little injuries,but it was a crap performance,my apologies/My commanders got n earful from me!

… right. Besides Twitter's unabashed promotion of the English language, the above tweet represents the kind of response you'd expect from a defensive backup who didn't get enough playing time. In 140 characters or less, I have a few slightly-more-appropriate tweets for Irsay to post:

Chin up, Colts fans. A lot of progress was made this week; more to come. (72 characters)

And the Lord sayith: "Thou shalt have a preseason, and thou shalt indulge, after which thou shalt never speak of it again." (123 characters)

100 retweets, and I'll pretend Ahmad's ready to go for next week – just to mess with New York, as if A-Rod isn't doing a good enough job. (137 characters)