Wilson: Five Pleasant Surprises

Philip Wilson’s take on the Colts home victory breaks down the things you missed, if any. A lot of really solid points here, especially on CB Cassius Vaughn, filling in for Davis; if he’s asked to step in again this week, I doubt anyone will be nearly as worried as they were last week. The Colts are developing their defense incredibly well … it took them about a decade to realize the Tampa 2 isn’t really that good any more, a basis for their defensive struggles since 2008.

My favorite part of Wilson’s article:

The Colts had the ball 35 minutes, 16 seconds compared to the Packers’ 24:44 … it’s impressive, also, that the Colts went hurry-up offense earlier in this game, not huddling and trying to prevent defensive substitutions. Luck has run the hurry up well. Despite this approach, which can backfire by giving the ball back to the other team too quickly, the Colts still dominated TOP.

At this point, if that’s what breaks the Colts out of their defensive woes, so be it.

Oh! And by the way, according to ESPN’s power rankings this week, the Colts are in 22nd, set to play teams in the 25th, 32nd, 28th, 19th, and 31st spots (NY Jets, Browns, Titans, Dolphins, and Jags). I doubt they could have asked for an easier schedule. Oh, and they play Buffalo and KC later, ranked 27th and 30th … you get the picture.