Wilson: Colts Should be Thankful! +Reasons

I heard that Colts fans are coddled. Think about it – we've had an awesome quarterback for 14 of the last 15 years, made the playoffs all but three times in that span, aren't Buffalo, and will probably make the playoffs this year. Still, a few days after a blowout loss (on the road) to Arizona (not important) with a three-game division lead (now two, heaven forbid) … and we're still complaining. Sigh.

Instead, be thankful! (says Josh Wilson)

Colts fans can be thankful that David Reed isn't on the team anymore. The least favorite Colt who was about as bad of a kick returner as you could get was finally released a few days ago. While many will say it was way too late, Colts fans should be thankful that Reed isn't their kick returner anymore.

There's also a GREAT picture of Jim Irsay towards the end of the article. And by 'great', I mean "I'm thankful that, in my life, I've never looked like that." More to be thankful for? You betcha.