Wienke says Manning can return

Chris Wienke says he believes Peyton Manning can return because he returned after a similar procedure:

The situations aren’t exactly the same because Weinke went through the ordeal at a much younger age. He also didn’t need four procedures in a two-year span like Manning. Weinke did go through the same issues with nerve regeneration in his damaged arm.

“I lost everything, full atrophy in my throwing arm, the nerves that control my right arm were damaged,” Weinke said. “My head was awkward and I got involved in a head-on collision. I had total nerve regeneration. So I had to in essence re-teach myself to throw.”

Of course two things stick out after reading that report: Wienke was hardly a success in the NFL due to many factors nor is every medical case similar. Wienke was younger, had no history of stenosis and suffered the damage as part of a traumatic car accident. 

Todd Smith

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