Widlic: Colts Look to End the Streak

I've taken some heavy flak recently for linking to Bob Kravitz and Brad Wells, but I think I finally have an entirely uncontroversial reporter in Chris Widlic. His article, on Indy's recent road woes, is clear, has a good quote by Reggie Wayne, and lays out the basics. Don't turn the ball over. Force turnovers. Pass to those five guys (okay, that was me). Point is, it's been too long since the Colts have gone back to the horseshoe city victorious.

Their best chances this year:

– this week. Tennessee's a mediocre team when CJ0K exceeds expectations. Also, the Titans's run defense is just as bad as Indy's, so Andrew Luck can have a bit of fun. Three rushing touchdowns this week? Maybe?

– in Jacksonville. We know they can beat the Jags for the first 59 minutes of play; what's one more? Also, Brown and Mathis will certainly be back by then; they're still questionable against Tennessee.

– in Detroit. I picked Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford in one of my fantasy leagues, and was starting Josh Freeman last week. Worse, that was the right call. I know the NFC's better than the AFC this year, but the Colts have already beaten two better teams from that division.

– in Kansas City. Let's be honest though, at that point – if the Colts lose to Tennessee, Jacksonville again, and Detroit, Kansas City might be a challenge. I revised that from 'will' after realizing a) this, b) that the Chiefs just got slaughtered by Tampa Bay, the fourth worst team in the NFC, c) that this could be the year Ricky Stanzi gets his chance, and d) that the best way to keep the Chiefs off your lawn is to paint it like an endzone.

Honestly, guys. Not two years in a row.