Wells: Jerraud Powers’s Play Overlooked

Once in a while, I find an article that I agree entirely with; it seems like Brad Wells's article on Jerraud Powers somehow read my mind. Last week, all I could think was "Wow, Powers is playing like Tim Jennings used to …" (also "whoever hired these announcers must watch football on mute"). Specifically speaking, Powers couldn't guard his man for most of the game – rookie Josh Gordon – and hence, made the game much more interesting than it should have been. The Colts stuffed the run. Imagine that. The major problem: no pressure on Weeden.

In the last two games, the Colts have failed to sack a quarterback or force a turnover. Indy's ranked 18th overall for sacks and dead last in the league for takeaways; not to mention, Robert Mathis has five sacks so far this season, out of Indy's 13. Freeney has four tackles and one sack on the year. These stats need to improve quickly, or Indy's offense won't be getting any easy drives.

Favorite quote in week 7, thanks to our lovely announcers: "Sometimes rookies need to hold their water." Seriously.

Favorite player in week 7: Pat Angerer, who played like it was his last game ever. 2 solos and an assist, in extremely limited play.

Favorite play of week 7: the sun, deciding Josh Gordon was just too fast for Powers, reached out and blinded the rookie wideout, who promptly dropped the go-ahead touchdown. There's an animated GIF of it in the Wells link. Congratulations, Mr. Sun: you played better than Tim Jennings 2.0.