Wells: Colts o-line is stepping up, just in time

… in essence, he's correct: the Indianapolis Colts are finally watching their offensive line make some progress. Curiously, most of that might be due to Andrew Luck (more on that in a moment), but according to Mike Wells via ESPN, it's the right time for the line to start gelling.

Despite all the mixing and matching of interchangeable players, the Colts are in the midst of their best offensive-line play of the season. Luck has been just sacked twice in the past three games and the Colts have rushed for at least 135 yards in each of the past two games. 

Seriously though, about Luck: his composure against Kansas City was incredible. Imagine Ben Roethlisberger, or "He Who Holds the Ball Forever", playing behind Indy's offensive line. You should be imagining Big Ben on his way to the hospital.

Against the Chiefs, Luck was sacked once – against one of the best defenses in football – but those who watched the game might not believe you, because he was constantly under pressure. Indy only got as far as they did because Luck was able to get rid of the ball on terrible, terrible plays; in fact, he almost succeeded in doing so on the single sack of the day.

So yes – Indy's line has been playing better, and they've looked passable against very good defenses (including Houston's). My point? Andrew Luck has been helping them out, in a big way.