Wells: Allen, Done for Season

This is not a joke, despite seeming like a seriously distasteful one. After Vick Ballard's injury, losing Allen will be … well, you saw what happened on Sunday. Not bloody good.

As I ponder why God hates the Colts this season, you can go to Wells's report here.

Pagano indicated Monday that Allen's injury wasn't minor, hesitating before calling him day to day. Second-year tight end Coby Fleener will start in Allen's place.

Allen is the third Colts starter to suffer a season-ending injury in less than a week. Running back Vick Ballard went down with a knee injury last week, and the Colts lost guard Donald Thomas to a torn quadriceps during last weekend's home loss to Miami.

After watching the New York Yankees see their first and third basemen, shortstop, catcher, various outfielders, and pitchers go down this season, I was curious whether a team could be more screwed by injuries. I think I've found one.