Want more Colts content? How about Anthony Gonzalez in grad school

Well, this story made the rounds all over Twitter yesterday.  Clearly I should've posted a link.  Wide Receiver Anthony Gonzalez seemed like genuine, honest person with all the tools for a very promising career, only to have it derailed by an improbable string of injuries and bad timing (sound familiar?).  I'm glad to know that fellow Colts fans take interest in what he is doing now. So, without any more delay, Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has a great story about what Anthony Gonzalez is doing now, and his decision to move on from football:

He still trained and thought about going to preseason training camp, but no teams called for a while. When one did at the end of the preseason, Gonzalez said no.

"That was a big moment," Gonzalez said, "and honestly, there was a huge overwhelming sense of relief. I finally made the decision. Deep down it's what I really wanted, but it was still really difficult to do."

This is the kind of NFL story we don't get to see every day.  Click and enjoy. 

Marcus Dugan

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