Vontae Davis, free agent watch

Mike Wells is discussing free agents who might leave Indy this offseason, and while I haven't blogged about much else, this is the time of season where free agents become a serious concern for many teams like Indy. Thankfully, with very few players outdoing themselves this season (see: Colts on the Pro Bowl roster), Indy won't be watching high-profile players sign for big money with other teams.

Davis might be the exception, but then again, he's the guy Indy's focusing on; Mike Wells has more.

Davis, of the Colts’ free agents, broke free of that when he talked about his future. “This is family,” he said as pointing around the locker room. “I noticed that from Day 1 when I got here. I’ve never had that before. Miami, it was more like a business-type atmosphere. I enjoy playing for the organization.” 

Davis credits the Colts for resurrecting his career. They acquired him from the Miami Dolphins for a second-round pick in August 2012. 

In other news, who among our readers was not rooting for Denver today? I won't say much about that game, but … their offense certainly gives Indy something to think about. 


*The original title of this post was "Vernon Davis: free agent watch", which (of course) would be a lot more interesting … but as noted by Bobman1, was actually supposed to say "Vontae". Thanks for pointing it out.