Video and Recap: Luck and Colts over Tennessee

I guess we can count this as another comeback victory, even though … well, to be honest, it wasn't quite as thrilling as the others. Swap the third and fourth quarter, maybe. Anyway, here's the AP's recap (though I would heavily recommend our own. Colts Authority: Of the fans, by the fans, for the fans …)

As for Vick Ballard … why do the Colts seem to give up on him? 41 yards on the first drive in the second half (5 carries), and then 4 runs for 22 yards over their next three drives; those are good numbers. The issue is probably in his odd range of yardage – he's a fast guy, but can't stay consistent. Of his 19 carries:

7 went for bad yardage (2 yards or less, including two for small losses)

6 went for decent yardage (3-6 yards; average, for this year)

7 went for good yardage (7+ yards, including 4 of 10 yards or more)

The Colts have a great third down passing game – usually – but today it faltered, because the Colts never run on third down. They were 4 of 12 today, electing to pass on 3rd and >5 five times. Of those, one (to Ballard) was complete for first down, two were incomplete, one was a fumble, and the last turned into a pick-six for Tennessee. Their only run on third down, at the goal line, resulted in a touchdown.

I like mixing it up, throwing on third and short here and there, but abandoning the run game on third down? Houston will eat that up next week. The Colts have effective drives when their run game works, not their pass game – look at the stats right before half against Tennessee and New England. No run game, all pass, with five minutes left to go (plenty of time), and they immediately cough out.

Keep the run game. They'll need it in Texas.