Verizon: most connected Super Bowl

Verizon sent us some interesting statistics about voice and data usage at this year’s Super Bowl. Not surprisingly the city experienced a dramatic increase in voice and data usage Sunday:

Verizon Wireless customers at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis were busier than ever on their wireless devices, using 2.75 times more data than last year’s Super Bowl inDallas and 4.5 times more data than a regular season game at the stadium.

In addition to the all-time high data usage for a Super Bowl game, Verizon Wireless customers were talking up a storm. Call volume soared more than 1,000 percent or more than 11 times more voice calls than during a regular season Colts game.

According to Verizon’s Super Bowl network statistics:

    • Facebook was the most heavily used social media platform with definite spikesat the start of game, halftime and after the game.
    • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) was also heavily used at the game start,halftime and at the end of the game.
    • YouTube spiked at halftime and at the end of game.
    • NBC Sports showed a considerable spike after the game likely for the MVPpresentation.
    • NFL Mobile TV was the highest used streaming video application.

Interesting stuff! Seems like Indy was really lit up for the game.

Todd Smith

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