USA Today: Pagano, Determined to Improve

I typically attempt to differ the title of this link blurb with that of the link itself, but in this case, I couldn't think of a better way to put it – Coach Pagano isn't content with 11 wins, or hopeful for more; according to USA Today, he's determined to get past it this year. Think about it; with a better defense last year (or, at least, one that produced turnovers), Indy's wins may have been through talent rather than Andrew Luck/divine intervention.

"That's just part of the landscape in today's NFL, it's just the way it is. There's gonna be turnover. Some years, you don't want it — you'd love continuity," said Pagano, noting the Colts could be breaking in up to nine new starters. "When you do win, and you have success, and you put your ego aside, good things are gonna happen. There's gonna be enough credit to go around. Bruce getting a job, and other guys getting jobs and other players getting contracts — that's just a byproduct of winning."

So is a tougher schedule, one that includes the formidable NFC West and perhaps the season's most highly anticipated matchup, Manning's Oct. 20 return to Lucas Oil Stadium with the Denver Broncos.

To be honest, the Colts – in my mind – will have improved drastically this year if they can control a few games. I'll take 10 solid wins over 12 last-second how-is-Donnie-Avery-open-holy-hell-what-did-I-just-witness wins any day.