Tough being a QB

Tommy Brady is learning that QBs take their lumps too, sometimes unfairly. Jon Landrum points out just how thin the line between “he’s a winner” and “he’s a choker” can be:

The ironic thing about it all is that Tom Brady is an infinitely better quarterback now than he was back when New England won their Super Bowls. That Tom Brady was good, not great. This Tom Brady, the one who has “lost” two Super Bowls, is an all time great. And after losing on Sunday, Brady is no less a player than he was the day before. Likewise, Eli Manning is no better than he was before Sunday. They’re exactly the same, and one game does NOT change that. It was, after all, just one game in the whole scheme of things. Making any more out of it is an overreaction.

Yet, that’s what the sports media has trained us to do. As a result, we now fondly remember John Elway as a winner, because he finished his career by winning two straight. Never mind that he lost three before that, or that he wasn’t half the player he was back in his “choking” days. Irrelevant details!