Tony Dungy Thinks Manning Will Play Again

WNDE’s Jake Query interviewed Tony Dungy today. Asked whether Manning would play again, Dungy responded:

I think if he plays, he’ll play for the Colts. I don’t know if he’s going to be healthy enough to play, but I was one of those guys who didn’t think he would miss one play. I was totally shocked he didn’t line up this season. I know he’s planning on playing and it feels like he will. Everyone’s hoping, everyone’s feeling that’s [he’s healthy] the case.

Listen in to Dungy’s preference for Robert Griffin over Andrew Luck, the attractiveness of the head coaching position in Indianapolis, and his reaction to Polian’s and Caldwell’s release. He also talks about the Eli v. Peyton debate. Dungy does think something happened in terms of Caldwell’s release, and that Jim Irsay has his coach in mind (though Dungy doesn’t know who it is).