Tom James: Reggie Wayne Enjoying Colts Turnaround Year

Tom James of the Terre Haute Tribune Star discusses Reggie Wayne, and how he's enjoyed this 2012 season.  James has several quotes from Reggie, who nearly always has something honest, interesting, and insightful to say. 

“People like me, I see the light [the end of his career]. So I don’t have the time to sit back and rebuild and say I’ll be better next year. Or say in a couple of years we should be in the hunt. We need to be in the hunt now. We are in the hunt. We’re in a good situation. That’s why we want to continue to win games,” Wayne said.

Check out Tom James' article.  It's always a joy reading about Reggie.  Whenever it happens that his skills actually do decline, we need to remember this season and all that Wayne has given over the years to the Colts and their fans. 




Marcus Dugan

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