Tom Brady a choker?

Scott Kacsmar points out that Tom Brady hasn’t been great under center in some time:

What if we told you there was a quarterback in the last seven years that won two league MVP awards, won 78.4% of his regular season games, and had a 101.8 passer rating with a 203:63 TD-to-INT ratio? He led three of the 10 highest scoring teams in NFL history in that span.

Then what if we told you that same quarterback in the postseason had a 7-6 record (.538), 0-2 in the Super Bowl, lost two home playoff games by 26 points and had an 87.1 passer rating with a 27:17 TD-to-INT ratio? Finally, in those three historically high-scoring seasons, he lost in the playoffs by scoring only 14, 21 and 17 points (the 14 and 17 represent season-lows).

That is not a fictional quarterback at all. That is Tom Brady from 2005 to 2011.

For all of those people who say Tom is a “winner” when referring to his legacy as opposed to that of Peyton Manning please refer to this article.