Titans get their 1st chance at Colts, Andrew Luck

Teresa M. Walker of the Associated Press takes a look at the upcoming game between the Colts and Titans and the rivalry between the two teams.  This is a much different team than the Titans have seen in the past.  Although Indy and Tennessee are a combined 6-7, we shouldn't discount this game's importance in the standings with the wide open nature of the AFC this year. 

A win by the Colts puts them above .500 for the first time since time since Manning was throwing passes for them in 2010. The Titans would have hope again of reaching the playoffs with 10 AFC teams bunched between 4-3 and 3-4.

Yes, our Colts aren't a great team this year.  However, neither is much of the rest of the conference.  I did notice Walker only saw Tennessee as having a chance at the playoffs.  That Jets debacle really lowered the national perception of the Colts.  A well-played win Sunday in Nashville could go a long way to restoring the idea that the Colts are indeed ahead of schedule and better than we thought they would be. 




Marcus Dugan

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