This is also Mayor Hudnut’s Super Bowl

The gaze of the sporting world is upon Indianapolis, something in which it finds relish. Among those who saw what this city could be was a bold man who built a stadium, lured an NFL team away from its proud roots and gave rise to this Super Bowl. Many criticized Mayor Bill Hudnut’s plans but this week he’ll take in the long-awaited fruits of his labor:

“I don’t care what the economists say about the inability of a team to enhance a city’s economic base,” he said. “It sure seems to me that in this case it did. The city has so much more vitality, and there has been so much revitalization Downtown. To me, it’s all paid off.”

Hudnut will be back in town for the Super Bowl. In perhaps a fitting tribute to the man who helped build the modern-day Indianapolis, the city will be so bustling and full of economic life this week that the former mayor couldn’t find a hotel room Downtown. That’s OK, he said, noting that he’ll stay with friends.

Todd Smith

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