The race for the second pick

While the Colts have all but signed an affidavit swearing the draft Andrew Luck the rest of the league is suddenly enamored with Robert Griffin III and what it would take to move up to the second overall pick to draft the Baylor standout. Grantland’s Bill Barnwell covers the territory including a “far-fetched” three-way trade involving Denver and Jacksonville:

The only problem is that the Rams would have no interest in Tim Tebow. That’s where our third team comes in: the Jacksonville Jaguars. New owner Shahid Khan has already said that the team should have taken Tebow in the 2010 draft, owing to both his abilities as a player and as a ticket-mover. Tebow went to high school in a Jacksonville suburb, played at Florida, and remains active in the Jacksonville community; a trade for Tebow would be great box office for a moribund franchise that often struggles to fill its stadium.

Jacksonville wouldn’t likely give up the seventh overall pick straight-up as part of a Tebow trade, but the Broncos could probably get it for Tebow and a mid-round pick or two. That would leave them with the seventh and 25th picks in this year’s draft, which would be about as much as anyone besides the Browns can offer. If Cleveland decided to lowball the Rams, the Broncos could swoop in and make this deal.

Regardless of his destination, there will be tremendous interest in the second pick. 

Todd Smith

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