The Other Side: Everything You Need To Know About Kansas City This Week

It's always handy to know where your opponent is coming from; this week, The Indianapolis Colts head to Kansas City for their final road game of the season. From Kansas City's point of view:

The pre-game summary from, with a bit of history on the rivalry.

Reid Ferrin breaks down the Chiefs's failure to execute on the run last week, in which Jamaal Charles got the ball nine times for ten yards. The Chiefs will undoubtedly try to use him more often this week, as coach Romeo Crennel admitted that their loss against Oakland was  “Because [the run game]'s been the bright spot offensively and we have to be able to run the ball and we couldn’t do that (Sunday). They handled us up front.”

Key this week, on defense: stopping the run. Kansas City will be using it a lot.

Though (by this time) it's slightly old news, Kansas City's top receiver, Dwayne Bowe, was put on the IR on Saturday. This leads to the Chiefs's top two receivers being Tony Moeaki and Dexter McCluster, who combined have about the same number of yards as Bowe. With Brady Quinn probably starting against Indy, the Kansas City passing game will be one of the easier challenges this year.

Finally, as if Kansas City's situation couldn't get any worse, it appears that both GM Scott Pioli and Crennel are set to be released after this season. Whether this will affect the game this week or not, it seems like KC's in Indy's spot from last season – officially rebuilding, ready to do a clean sweep of the team. Maybe they can learn from Indy.