The legendary pork tenderloin

Every great city has a local food, a favorite taste for which they are known.  In Indiana we are no different but our tastes come butterflied, deep-fried and served on a bun. For us the delicacy is the pork tenderloin sandwich and Kerry Byrne of Cold Hard Football Facts took the time to enlighten the folks in Boston:

“We’re big on pork and big on fried food,” said Nate Dunlevy, football blogger for “It’s definitely a Midwestern thing and not overly complicated.”

We took a ride up to Plump’s Thursday to meet Katie see how it’s done. It’s pretty simple: they cut off a thick slice of pork tenderloin, and then pound it thin and flat, about 8 inches across. They dip the tenderloin in all-purpose flour, then buttermilk and then a mix of four and panko bread crumbs to give it a nice crunch. Then, bam, in the deep fryer for a few minutes.

When I called Katie, she claimed they were “the size of a hub cap.” Not quite. But pretty close. They fried pork is stuffed between a sandwich roll that’s about five sizes too small and served with pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce and potato chips.


Todd Smith

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