Ten guys you wouldn’t want to miss practice … do


I guess it's that time of the year. Maybe the odds of Baltimore and Indy winning out are too slim. Maybe they're just playing it safe. But on Thursday, ten players – including Sergio Brown and T.Y. Hilton – missed practice, prompting a "let's use everyone as best we can" mentality. The complete story, via indystar.com, is here.

Forty-two players have started at least one game. The Colts have used six offensive line combinations and had eight running backs on the active roster.

“Everybody has injuries. No one is going to feel sorry for you,” Grigson said. “Every day, you have to find a way. That’s why we have scouting departments and that’s why we pay guys to advance scout and go to games and drive all over creation. It’s the job of the scouting department to supply the coaches with players that are capable of winning.”

While that is, word for word, the right thing to say … Grigson's still missing the big picture. Over the last two years, Indianapolis has been plagued by major injuries. On the offseason, if you were to predict that Brown/Richardson would be starting for the Colts, in that order, everyone would think something was wrong with you. Without going into too much detail, last year, Indy was ranked near-to-last in the league for man-games lost to injury.

Alternately, this might simply be D.H.B.'s way of getting that starting job after all …