Tanier’s odd trip through Indy

Mike Tanier, writing for Football Outsiders, tells us of his strange journey through Indianapolis including a Hunter Smith appearance, Peter King’s tweet-up and taking some time to do something other writers skipped:

I am on a different schedule from the rest of the media. While everyone else was at the Bill Belichick press conference and the Patriots media availability, I was strolling through town with the president of the local arts council, his media director, and a Brazilian artist named Artur Silva, discussing the murals that were installed as part of a pre-Super Bowl beautification initiative. Many of the murals are excellent. Not many were painted in the Downtown Public Mural style (pro-social image of multiracial children planting a garden). There are abstracts and mosaics and a 38-foot high photorealistic Kurt Vonnegut, which is the stuff of nightmares in a good way.

So instead I will tell you a story of Silva, the Brazilian muralist who came to Indiana because he is fascinated by the myth of the American heartland, or perhaps because the rent is much cheaper than in New York. Silva is a World Cup soccer fan, and when he got involved in a pick-up soccer game in a park one day, the other players noticed his accent immediately. Silva became the Andrew Luck of pick-up soccer, as both teams coveted the Brazilian (who looks lean and athletic) under the assumption that he would whoop everyone’s butts. The reality? “I sucked,” Silva said.

I have a feeling these weeks will leave a lasting impression on many people, much like the memory Artur Silva gave Mike.

Todd Smith

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