Stampede Blue: Colts/Raiders Week One Preview

While I personally prefer Colts Authority's own week one preview, it's always nice to throw in some variety from around the league. Today, I'm putting up Marc Grecco's preview for the Colts and Raiders, via Stampede Blue, in which we, as Colts fans, can get excited for the first regular season game. Still, despite a 10+ point spread (thanks in part to home field advantage), I'm … slightly worried?

Let's start when the Colts have the ball. The biggest advantage the Colts seem to have is on 3rd and 4th down, where they ranked 6th in the NFL last season, while the Raiders defense was a sub-par 24th. The Colts kept many drives alive last season by converting on Third Down, especially in the second half of the season. If that continues, I don't see any way the Colts lose.

Grecco is bang on, to be honest. Especially about the spread; sure, Indy's a better team than Oakland, but I'm starting to see this Sunday as a trap game. The Colts don't play bad teams as well as they should (the only team that really does is New England, actually), and a few slip-ups on Sunday could be enough to keep the game close.

On a positive note, it is the second biggest spread of the week … so maybe people are starting to trust Indy? I hope I can, come Monday.