Speculation is futile

They say that in the absence of real news people will simply make it up. Jeff Darlington of NFL.com writes that predicting Peyton Manning’s future is dicey at best:

Surely, as we all impatiently await Manning’s fate, we can at least use the game’s own recent history to provide reasons why we should all chill out. Montana’s comeback in 1986 is one example. More recently, Chad Pennington’s comeback in 2008 is another.

Pennington didn’t sign with the Dolphins until Aug. 8, 2008. Yet he picked up the offense, managed the team’s talent — and led Miami to an AFC East title and the best turnaround in NFL history.

Although Pennington recently told the Palm Beach Post he thinks Manning’s neck injury makes his chances for a return far riskier than Pennington’s previous returns, none of us are equipped to know exactly where Manning’s neck stands at this point.