Some Colts fans have seen this before

A reader sent Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star an interesting piece of advice:

QUESTION: Not a question, but a comment. I’ve been Colts fan since John Unitas was at the helm. When that era sadly ended and Johnny U was shipped to San Diego, I was appalled and embarrassed for the Colts and the NFL. That’s when the business end of the NFL rang true. So my advice to the nouveau Colts fans is to let this new scheme play out, because you can’t go backward, only forward. So many variables with young players. Let’s give the new regime a chance to prove itself.

– from Bob, Milwaukee, Wis.

ANSWER: No comment on your comment, other than “well said.’’ We’ll see if everyone else is as patient. It’s going to be a trying time if Andrew Luck and the Colts struggle this season, and Peyton Manning leads the Denver Broncos deep into the playoffs. Also, everyone will be comparing Luck’s progress to that of Robert Griffin III. But all of that is what makes things so intriguing.

Well said indeed.