Smith: Who Really Won on Sunday?

If you’re a serious Colts fan, you should really have the Bleacher Report bookmarked; it is, to me, one of the best places to go for analysis on every aspect of the game. Take Eric Smith’s article on last week’s winners and losers, for instance. He brings up the Colts’s upcoming schedule, which is as follows:






… and highlights that those are all winnable games. Sure, playing in Tennessee might be tough, they’ve already lost to Jacksonville this year (I’ve been trying to purge the last minute of that game from my mind, hasn’t worked yet), and they have yet to play Houston … but logically, this is a team that could be looking at 7-2 if all goes well. Heck, they play KC and Detroit at home after that, and Tennessee and Buffalo on the road … so really, there’s a decent chance that the Colts could go 10-6 this year.

I mean, after watching Andrew Luck improve in leaps and bounds four weeks in a row (he’s a winner from last week, according to Smith) I’m finding it hard to vote against their offense. The Colts ran a hurry-up offense for most of the game yesterday, all while having a rookie quarterback, two rookie tight ends, three rookie wide receivers, a rookie running back (Luck, Fleener, Allen, Hilton, Brazill, Palmer, and Ballard) … and while most of them didn’t play very much yesterday, the final Colts drive of the first quater featured Luck, Hilton, Palmer, Brazill, Allen, and Ballard, all switching in and out without huddling – six rookies. No huddle.

I mean, by the end of the season their O-line will be locked down, their wide receivers will have about ten times their current experience (6 of 8 targeted receivers yesterday were rookies), and for the first time since they let Rhodes go, they’ll have two legitimate ground options (I’m including Luck, who already has over 100 yards on the season). If their defense can get healthy, you could be looking at Freeney, Mathis, Freeman, and Angerer coming out as starting linebackers a 3-4 set.

Winners last week? My favorite: #5, Colts Playoff Hopes.


*As the_spru pointed out, the Colts are set to play Tennessee and Buffalo at home, and KC and Detroit on the road, rather than the other way around (like I posted). Good job noticing, thanks for the heads up.