Simmons likes a Colts’ upset

Bill Simmons loves the Colts’ upgrades at quarterback and head coach, thinks they have a shot at a wild card spot in the playoffs, and has them down for a Week One upset against the Bears: 

As for the QB position, I don’t need to explain the formula “Andrew Luck > Curtis Painter & Dan Orlovsky” to you, right? If you’ve been following Luck’s performance in the preseason — not just his play, but everybody’s quotes about how Luck handles himself day-to-day — there’s a chance he might be underrated even though he was the no. 1 overall pick, generated a ton of buzz/hype/anticipation last year and bought Andre the Giant’s voice on eBay just to sound more intimidating. Last year, we had a ginger rookie playoff QB. Why not Luck? How many wins will that Paintlovsky-to-Luck upgrade be worth? Three? Four? More? Could the Colts climb to 10 wins? Could they sneak into the last wild-card spot?


Kyle J. Rodriguez

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