Scott Kacsmar: NFL Rookies off to Unprecedented Start

Over at NBC Sports, Scott Kacsmar says Andrew Luck and the four other rookie quarterbacks starting in 2012 are among the most productive of all time. 

Luck has already thrown for over 300 yards in three of the five games; one more would tie Peyton Manning’s rookie record. He had 280 yards at the Jets in Week 6, though it was his worst game of the season.

The Colts run a lot of vertical routes and the running backs have just nine catches on the season. Luck is getting almost no yards after the catch from his receivers, as everything has been tightly contested and tackles are being made right as the Colts catch passes. Reggie Wayne has been a huge help and he is having a great season for Luck, but the young receivers are struggling to get open.

I do wish they ran some more short routes with the protection issues and young receivers.  It's pretty clear, though, that it hasn't prevent Luck from flourishing. 

It looks like Scott has been busy the past couple of days.  Here's some more of his unique, analytical style:

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