Saturday snaps to Manning one last time

There were two relevant moments in the Pro Bowl. One, was watching Luck being the best of the AFC QBs and scoring a couple of TDs. The second moment was way cooler than Luck's performance. At least for Colts fans it was. 


On Sunday during the Pro Bowl, Saturday, representing the NFC, played center for the AFC on one play to snap the ball to Manning for the final time before he retires.

It was a very cool, emotional moment. I couldn't help but tear up a bit knowing that it was THE last time Saturday snapped the ball to Peyton. It was nice to see Saturday, playing for the NFC team, switch to the AFC team just to snap the ball to his old friend one last time. Worst thing? None was wearing a Colts helmet. 

It was still a very enjoyable moment. Certainly bring back tons of memories: 

"He's been sticking his head up my butt for 11 (12) years…so we're pretty close." 

Thanks a lot, guys. 

Here's the video of that last snap. If you don't cry a bit, you might be a Patriots fan.