Saturday Announces Retirement

Jeff Saturday announced his retirement on Saturday. While he retires a Packer, Saturday's presence in Indy solidified the Colts through a decade of multiple double-digit victories. He may have announced his intentions to Green Bay prior to this weekend, given his seemingly-odd benching through the last few games of the regular season; it makes more sense that Green Bay would want a young guy to get some experience before next year.

Saturday will be closing out a 14-year career with his sixth Pro Bowl nod, although he did end the season on the bench after the Packers opted to go with Evan Dietrich-Smith in the middle of the line in the final weeks of the regular season and playoffs. Saturday started 182 games for the Colts after signing with them in 1999, all but the final 16 of them with Peyton Manning at quarterback during a very fruitful run for the Colts that included a Super Bowl championship.

According to the article, Saturday had hinted towards wanting to retire after the pro bowl, but told 1070 that he'd definitely be retiring after Hawaii. To be honest, after last season, I understood replacing Manning, Addai, Clark, Garcon; I understood the push towards a new system. I didn't understand why the Colts let Saturday go. He'll be a Colt – and only a Colt – to most of us anyway.