Saints/49ers like Colts/Ravens

This weekend features a high-powered vertical offense versus a grinding defense, an aerial assault against a team that likes to run.  Sound familiar?  It should but in this case it’s Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers attempting to overcome Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.  Big Lead Sports shows us just how similar the matchup is to the Colts and Ravens games from our recent past:

Overall, the home team went 5-5. However, the top four match ups saw the road team win three times. The match ups toward the top feel similar to me, and if I were to have guessed before looking, I would have had Peyton Manning’s Colts winning at Baltimore, a case of an offensive dome team outdoors in January against a top defense, in the list. Toward the bottom, this New Orleans team isn’t all that similar to the Raiders team that lost 51-3 at Buffalo. If I weight the results, I get a 61.8% chance of a New Orleans victory, with the average score 21.4 to 20.3 in favor of the New Orleans comps.