Run the 40 for the Combine

Each year the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen does what armchair quarterbacks across the country claim to be able to do–run the 40. Rich breaks out in work clothes and puts up BIG numbers. That’s not a good thing.

Rich invites you to bust out your best 40 time on video and send it in. They’ll pick the best videos and air them. There’s a caveat however: you have to do it like Rich. That means you’ve got to run it in your work clothes at work. That’s right: measure out 40 yards in the parking lot or a long hallway, stretch out those dockers and put your loafers to work.

Let your users know they can submit video clips of their own 40 yard dashes beginning Tuesday, February 21, 2012. There’s only one rule: Rich runs the 40 in his work clothes, at work. So anyone competing must also do it in their work clothes, at work.

 When the NFL Network airs Rich Eisen running the 40 during the NFL Scouting Combine (February 25-28, 2012), we will air a collection of the best viewer submitted video clips.

@nfl @nflnetwork @richeisen & will all ask fans at home to get in on the fun by recording their own 40 yard dashes.


Viewers can submit the clips using any upload tool (Twitvid, youtube, etc.), so long as they tweet or post a link of the video to @richeisen @nfl @nflnetwork or

You up for it? Here’s Rich running last year to give you some inspiration:

And here’s some comparison between Rich and say, half-asleep defensive linemen:

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