Reggie Wayne, Indy’s New Wideout Coach (Actually)

It's a bit of good news for Indy's still-struggling wideout core: Reggie Wayne has been promoted to assistant wideout coach in all but title. Well, maybe that too (eventually); the 34-year old WR was instrumental in Sunday's win, feeding Luck info between drives and constantly analyzing Houston's defensive tendencies.

Darin Gantt has the story via NBC.

“He was into it,” Hamilton said, via Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star. “In between series, I would pass over the [overhead] picture book and ask his opinion. And of course, during the series, he had a job. His job was to watch their slot coverage and give myself and Andrew [Luck] feedback between series. Reggie, he loves this game, he loves the horseshoe and it’s awesome that he’s still around even under the circumstances.”

You could tell that something changed as the game progressed on Sunday. Indy's defense stepped it up in the second half (3 points), but the real difference was T.Y. Hilton's sudden ability to get behind defenders, and to get into favorable coverage. I'm not saying that Wayne was the reason Indy won … but his input certainly didn't hurt.

Which brings me to my main point …

How many players in the NFL would go on the IR one week, and then travel with the team the next? Giving a pep talk before the game is one thing; analyzing the game and working as hard as he can during the game? It's one of the many reasons Indy – coaches, players, and fans – love Reggie. He's clearly interested in the welfare of the team, beyond stats or playing time, or what-have-you.

Thanks, Reggie.