Reggie Arrives in a Helicopter, Two Other Players on the PUP

If you're like me – constantly getting updated about Colts news – you're probably getting slightly sick about hearing how awesome the regular season's going to be. Kinda like your mom telling you how delicious dinner is going to be, even though it's "still going to be another hour". We're finally getting some concrete news now, however, as training camp starts this weekend!

To top it off, Reggie Wayne decided to arrive via Helicopter, alongside a guest from Riley's Children's Hospital (I've been trying to think of a cooler football-related experience, and really can't). To be fair, besides Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne may have the least to worry about in training camp this year. The veteran wideout has the #1 spot basically locked down, period.

Finally, Fili Moala and Pat Angerer have been designated PUP (physically unable to perform), given injuries to a right knee and right foot, respectively. If Angerer is unfit to start come the regular season, Kavell Conner would probably be promoted to starter; the Colts also acquired Kelvin Sheppard from Buffalo last year. While Sheppard started 24 times over the last two seasons, he's ineffective against the run, and will probably remain a backup.

Meanwhile, Moala has been moved behind Ricky Jean Francois on the depth chart, but they would have both been competing for starts; Moala has been getting better, but has become injury-prone, whereas Francois has never started more than 27% of his team's defensive snaps in a season (despite being healthy for the last three years, all with San Francisco). Not good news for the defensive line, especially when they already look thin for starting talent.