Ranking the AFC South O-lines

Applicable for scouting the competition as well; Paul Kuharsky's article on the four AFC South O-lines is curious, especially as it previews a likely-uphill battle for Indy's pass rushers. Kuharsky, along with Matt Williamson, names Tennessee and Houston as having some of the best lines in the NFL right now, with the Colts and Jags are working towards better all-around play as well.


Matt Williamson: I expect the Texans and Titans to have two of the best offensive lines in the NFL in 2013. Both should be drastically improved, and in fact, so should Indy's and Jacksonville's with the massive improvement at right tackle. 

Paul Kuharsky: What's Indy's potential for improvement based on its additions in free agency and the draft? How much will Pep Hamilton's quicker passing system protect the line? 

MW: The short passing game will certainly help Indy in protection, but so will the addition of at least two new starters. The Colts just have much better football players starting right now than in 2012. 


We do? That's great news! In seriousness, however, Williamson makes a good point later on by saying that Tennessee's line – while solid – will need a few games to gel before it comes together. The same applies to Indy. An o-line is never as good as the players in it unless they can work together; hence, if Andrew Luck looks shellshocked after a 10-sack first week, don't panic. Things will get better.

… though, maybe not against Denver. If you don't expect anything from Week 7, it may lessen the pain.