Polian understands Irsay’s desire

Bill Polian understands why Jim Irsay won’t pay Peyton Manning’s option bonus. He also says the two parties just need to sit down and make a decision:

“I think the only response that’s required is that they sit down and talk about it, and define what a restructured contract would look like,” Polian said. “I’ve said all along, to anyone that’s asked, that a) the date of March 8 can be moved by mutual agreement and b) the contract could always be restructured. Those two situations have existed from Day 1. Whether those two parties want that to happen, and whether they can make it happen, is what remains to be seen. …

“We’ll see what happens going forward, but in one sense, this is kind of a good thing, because it frames the issue quite clearly in the public mind. Both parties now have to sit down and determine what they want to do. And whatever they determine will be the right thing. There’s no losers in this, I don’t think.”

Todd Smith

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