Phil B’s negatives of 2012

Yesterday you got the positives but there’s always the flipside.  Wilson gives you the skinny on some ugly parts of the season:

* Personnel decisions boggled my mind beyond just the Manning-Collins-Painter-Orlovsky situation. Nobody probably will ever explain to me why the Colts just cut CB Justin Tryon. If it’s because Tryon was ticked off about not being the starter when the team reported to camp, I’d be upset, too. The Colts wanted to go with CB Jacob Lacey. Well, that didn’t work out too well. But they still cut Tryon, a six-game starter the year before, a guy who looked like he could be an OK player. We thought he would be in the mix when the Colts decided not to pay CB Kelvin Hayden $6 million, or whatever that hefty pricetag. Hayden was one of my guys, granted, but I understood the decision. It made sense with Tryon in the fold. But then the Colts don’t start him? And then, worse yet, Tryon knows he’s on the way out, tells a colleague he wouldn’t be around “in two weeks.” And he overshot that by a week. The Colts cut him the next week. Lacey lost his job, went from starter to being a scratch, then got it back late in the year after Jerraud Powers went on IR. One of many problems this season was how pass receivers were covered, or weren’t, to be blunt. Keeping Tryon, one would think, should have helped in that area.


Todd Smith

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